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  1. 25 plus shipping got one in my garage doing nothing email is [email protected]
  2. Gauges overhead are aeroforce interceptors. in a so cal pod I will do 300 shipped on it. [email protected] is my email if you want.
  3. All that's left right now is the exhaust the wheels and the overhead pod. Truck is for sale 100% stocked out with the exception of a tbss intake on the stock lq9 I put in it.
  4. What I have left are the headers/exhaust system and the overhead pod with the aeroforce interceptors. Good chance I will remove the SS gauge cluster as well and put the stock black one back in I just have to get to the dealer to redo the mileage and make it right. The Centerlines also have not sold yet. Just looking for reasonable prices or the stuff will just go sit up in the loft not really looking to give the stuff away. Thanks guys.
  5. Long block sold Will be selling also as an update X- link ( 3 months old ) 200 shipped NNBS rec port intake complete with SV) 42's greentops 200 shipped TBSS intake complete with injectors 300 shipped obo ARH 1 7/8" headers with catless mids coated I will seperate exhaust and the headers.. mind you the mids have been altered to fit the slip fit at the reducer Going to ask 1200 shipped Catback will be dual 3" into single four with 1 year old duramax corsa has less than 6000 miles on it Going to ask 800 shipped Wheels and tires again as stated before a few months old centerline rapids 22's with 305/40-22 toyo proxies st2 with replacement warranty from discount Going to ask 1700 obo possibly trade stockers plus tires.. for less.. remember shipping will be a pain in the ass but I will offer that I also will sell the VHO shopman bowtie just need a stocker to replace it just shoot me a fair offer. Also debating swapping out to the factory cluster selling the SSS cluster it has the correct mileage so I would have to flash my old one correct so figure again fair offer on the SSS cluster Sub box more than likely will be up for sale without speakers as well fair offer
  6. seems like a heck of adeal for someone wish mine was a sss now instead of a VHO duramax 2500 makes a heck of a nice tow rig
  7. It's not letting me attach the size.. I really don't know besides seeing where the weld repair and crack what there is to show.. the weld repair covers about 4 inches and then the leak followed it.. mind you to do this I had to dismount and mount the tire 4 times to find it that's why I gave up.. the wheel itself is not worth fixing time wise. The other 3 were re polished about a year ago they just are dirty from sitting in the loft after I took them off. If I don't sell em to someone that wants to get a 4th wheel I would just turn em into a hose reel or coffee table. I have zero use for them and don't want to mess with them anymore.
  8. I took a bunch of pics for a guy in alaska and ended up being over 400 to ship from vegas to there.. so just bear that in mind.
  9. I will try and get some pictures posted up it's cracked it's been repaired the problem is the factory weld was crap and the more you grind out and repair it continues to flex along the same seam and the undercutting from the original weld is so bad you will have to grind out the entire seam.. you weld up 2 inches and 2 more infront of it split.. it's a vicious circle that's why I said forget it and bought the centerlines I couldn't afford to wait for I forge for one wheel at the time.
  10. It was custom made by a guy here on the forum fast4popper It hasn't been in my truck in a really long time I don't have any pictures with it in that I know of.
  11. 255/50-17 front runners M&H race masters drag radials just fairly well shot. Maybe have a few passes left
  12. Mind you everything underneath is dirty last time it rained and was shitty I haven't washed any of the road grime off the truck because I still drive it daily. Haven't had time.
  13. Yes I am in Vegas. I will get pics of the overhead today I am racking it later to take pics of the exhaust and what not. I don't know how long I will have the centerlines first come first serve. I want to get the truck back to stock or as close to stock as possible by months end and get rid of it I don't want to pay for another registration if I don't have to.
  14. No home link sorry just regular overhead. Exhaust is spoken for just waiting on word back he's allready heard it driven in it seen the welds so he knows what he's getting. I have a guy who also wants the heads if I sell the short block separately then yes I will sell the heads I am trying right now to see if someone wants the short. I really don't want to pull heads unless I have the engine out and a new one in it if at all possible I don't want to disable the truck. The springs are PRC doubles. Not really a fire sale as I said I just would rather see the stuff that's SS/VHO specific go to a good home rather than go with the truck I doubt whomever will get it will take as good a care or appreciate it like I have.
  15. I will get exhaust pics after tomorrow need to finish up what I have on my lift at the moment.
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