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  1. If no one buys rad cover let me know. Two14-eight6eight-five83one.
  2. Do you have size for 2006 grille? I bought one and it doesn't fit in emblem recess....willing to buy another or trade.
  3. I've heard it does. Just got engine back from machine shop. Spun a crank bearing and went 408 route so I won't be a good judge probably. I will have to look at old logs and new logs and compare IAT's.
  4. $450 with no injector spacers $529 with.
  5. Looking for a spacer for my Maggie. ASAP. Ray at SuperStreet Performance is MIA apparently.
  6. Well, I found his website. Tried to order one but it won't let me log into paypal from his checkout. Thinking he isn't in business any more maybe?
  7. Anyone know how to get a hold of Ray aka supersub? Called him twice so far with no call back. I want to buy a phenolic spacer for my maggie. The number I have for him is 651-226-3109....guess that is the right one. Thanks.
  8. PATC does NOT offer the same thing. They are adapting the larger diameter 4L80E shaft down to the smaller 4L60E size to fit the transfer case. Time2kill enlarges the bore in the transfer case input shaft to accept the larger 4l80e shaft thus retaining one of the benefits of using a 4l80e trans. If you use the patc kit, that will be the weak link of the trans. Not saying it won't work, but for higher horsepower applications and piece of mind the time2kill option is the way to go. It does require taking transfer case apart, so if that scares you or you don't want to pay someone to do it, then so be it. I have the time2kill modified transfer case input shaft and it works like a champ. While you're at it, but the trucool trans cooler mounts from him and install one of those also...I believe he makes that also if I'm not mistaken. *Drops mic.......
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