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  1. Def different and not easy swap.
  2. Digging the plate. I'll be keeping my eye out for them when I'm in San Diego in Jan.
  3. I see Monster gives a 'Thumbs Up' so they must look good
  4. We have a TJ but the 4.0 finally let go, guess it's time to upgrade
  5. I have a big commercial Fridge in my garage (Holds 13 cases) but have no pics of it (away from home for a bit so will post pic when I get home)
  6. This is def. good info for other people doing (or already have) this upgrade. Glad to see things working out for you Bill.
  7. The drawback to selling a vehicle this old is no bank will finance, it's gonna take a cash buyer.
  8. No you can not Powdercoat plastic.
  9. Almost 2 years in the making.....should be epic Chris
  10. Many years ago while at the track mine was 5240 with 1/4 tank of gas and me at 170#'s.
  11. And a 13 year old truck at that. Really the only way you would get what YOU value your truck at is the have specialty insurance and insure it for a specific value. I have collector insurance on my Vette and it's insured for $XX,000 so if it's stolen or totaled I get that value period!
  12. Sucks to hear but HOW did it get stolen? As far as mileage, don't you register and inspect your truck each year?
  13. Thanks Bill.....yes I'm still around and glad to see you are as well. I do miss my SSS from time to time but it was time for an upgrade.
  14. Prob. not, just send Robbie a PM and see what he says ;)
  15. Keep in mind that he is right on the edge of a buyer NOT being financed through a bank due to its age.......so it could be cash or nothing.
  16. Would make a good winter beater We have all seen way worst.
  17. I don't remember the brand that WICKEDOWESIX use to sell (maybe someone will?) here back in the day but I bought both Low and High beams from him and never had a problem with them.
  18. He is alive and well.....safe at home away from the clutches of the CP train conductor.
  19. Really? 2015 Honda CRV is NOT a worthy replacement.
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