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  1. Eddie

    Silverado SS vs Mustang

    I'll try to get some videos of mustang loses. There is a mustang club that races at Fontana.
  2. Eddie

    Silverado SS vs Mustang

    They said something about putting a new clutch in and it wasn't fully or properly broken. Something about the clutch.
  3. 2005 Silverado SS vs Mustang with Terminator motor. YouTube link https://youtu.be/Gfko-VVTyAE
  4. Anyone added the factory a pillars with the Bose tweeters in them? My Silverado SS didn't come with them stock. So I bought a set out of another truck. When I removed my a pillars I couldn't find any wires there. Do I need to buy a harness or are they just buried deep down in the dash?
  5. Is there a write-up or how to for the 2wd SSS? I heard you have to shorten the 2pc driveshaft and I heard you don't. And I heard the 2wd already have the 1350 yoke on the rear because of the 14 bolt. Anyone know for sure?
  6. Eddie


    Follow me at Elite_Trucks_TC
  7. Not issues. But horsepower did drop with 3 consecutive dyno runs. Although, I am have transmission issues.
  8. Hi, Aaron. What happened to you? You fell off the grid.
  9. Has anyone seen a larger heat exchanger or personally upgraded to a larger heat exchanger for a TVS 2300?
  10. That's why I tell everyone in SoCal to get a Ravelco. It stopped my truck from being stolen the 3rd time.
  11. Is anyone running a Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump? Need ideas of where to install. any picture would be help too?
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