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  1. Saw this a few days late, but thank you!!




    I have been mostly absent from the site for a while, my daily routine of hanging out here daily changed 3 years ago when my son was born, but now he requires less and less full time attention from me. I still have my SS of course and we are back! Woohoo it feels nice. Just ordered up a couple of those kick-ass lanyards from NTMD8R_SS. Wonder what other goodies like that I have missed? I still have a couple of the original run T-shirts and I have one SilveradoSS.com window sticker left (gotta put that on the truck - my first one is long worn off!)!


    Dig my new custom license plate too - I am a Linux Systems Administrator by trade, this plate commemorates:

    - my love of Linux

    - my love of my SSS

    - the 10th anniversary of the Linux Operating System - thanks Linus!!




    Thanks again, it's good to be back!

  2. Hey I thought I would add a touch to this thread. I smacked up a wheel today on an icy curb so I am looking for 1 (one) good SS wheel myself. Maybe this will push someone with a good set to go ahead and split them up for sale. :chevy:


    Oh, mine are painted, not chrome. (03)

  3. Thanks for the responses. Appreciate the advice. Cat-back exhaust granted may not help alone but the better your engine can breath, the more power it can make. - Kind of a rule I learned from a fellow gearhead back when I was just a young punk. So I always recomend improvements there as long as it is in the buget. If it doesn't do you much good now, it will after further mods. Plus performance exhaust has enough audio appeal to generally make it worthwhile. :chevy:

  4. I have suggested to him to get on a Dodge site and find out for himself many times. Annoying when someone resepects your opinions but won't follow your advice. No way I am joining a Dodoge site and doing all the legwork for him, I was just hoping that some of the Dodge guys that hang around here would have a quick easy answer. CrazyMoparGuy - nothing to chime in here? ;)


    Believe me, when my buddy Don started looking for a truck I told him go with the Bowtie or nothing, but he is one of those poor guys that got sucked in by all the Hemi hype.

    Don't worry, we have lined up many times and I have proven over and over the superiority of the Vortec 6.0L :chevy:


    He even had been listening to a local shop owner that told him cat-back and performance exhaust systems don't help performance at all - they are just hype. Can you believe someone in the industry said that? So I was able to get him talked into the cat-back (not sure which one he bought) and stop listening to morons. Thanks for the quick Superchips and HP Tuners info though! I'll pass it on.

  5. HI guys,


    Sorry this is off-topic a bit considering it deals with Dodoge, but I need some advice for a friend. He has a 2005 Ram with the 5.7L Hemi and is looking for a programmer for it. My understanding is that no one does custom tunes for Dodge, you need to get a Hypertec or something. I have heard Hypertech is junk when it comes to our trucks but I don't what to recomend for my bud about what he can do to get a bit more power out of his pile of crap (I mean Hemi Ram).

    I know there are enough Dodge boys that hang around here that someone must have some suggestions so I can help this guy out.

    What do you guys think? He has only a K&N filter and a cat back right now. He is looking at the Hypertech Hyperpac - which looks kind of cool but it is not cheap. ($800)


    Thanks for any recomendations you guys can make. :chevy:

  6. I need to know if anyone else has noticed this or if there is something starting to go wrong with my automatic climate control system.

    Recently I noticed that if I fire up the HVAC system on manual just by hitting the fan switch or by jacking up the temp, it will come on and run for maybe 30 seconds then shut itself off again. If I start it up by hitting the auto button, it stays running just fine. I can even hit auto then adjust things so it is on manual control it stays running as well.

    Brought the truck into the dealer today and they don't have any other Silverados on the lot with auto HVAC to compare it to. So I turn to my fellow SSS owners here on the site. Should I press the issue or is this normal operation? It really doesn't bother me too much but warranty is up pretty soon so if this is an abnormal condition I need to get it fixed.

    Auto HVAC was standard on the SSS unitll 2005 I believe, so you guys must have some feedback for me.


    Oh yeah, I checked with the sales dept while I was there today and they have a black AWD TrailblazerSS on order. They promised to call me the minute it comes in so I get first crack at it. I prolly can't afford to buy it right now but I will go romp the piss out of it (oops, I mean 'test drive it'). :chevy:

  7. I just added the XM direct kit to my factory radio this weekend. I mounted the XM reciever to the plastic cover over the firewall directly above and slightly to the right of the accelerator pedal. Just used some strong velcro to mount it - it's not heavy. (Make sure to tie up wiring nice so you don't end up tagled in the pedal) The small signal adapter and harness fit behind the factory radio just fine. I placed the antenna near the back of the roof and made a small notch in the third brakelight to run the wire through and sealed it up with a small dab of silicone. I pulled the headliner down and ran the wire to the drivers A pillar and down behind the dash from there.

    Took about an hour and a half total including planning locations, but I am no stranger to pulling GM interiors apart either. I'd snap a couple pics but the antenna is now snow and ice covered already. I used a hot knife to make the notch in the 3rd brake light cover but a small file would work fine too. From behind the truck it's barely noticeable at all with the tiny antenna they provide in the kit. Best part was integration with the factory radio. Now if I could get the Artist/Song Title display to sroll by iteself instead of having the press the RCL button every time.................



  8. Yeah, Jesse definately does use EFI Live. I am just curious about this whole 'locked out' tune business. Just doesn't seem possible from what I know of how a PCM works. You download the calibration into a file so how does the tuning software even know that the stock calibration had been altered? Maybe there is a version number or something attached to it but it still seems odd to me as a computer technician that you wouldn't be able to modify it anyway.


    Someday I will be able to afford EFI Live myself (gotta buy an exhaust and efans first) so I can play with this stuff in more detail. Seems to me that a hex editor may be able to reveal what is in the .tun file that may be capable of stopping you from altering it. And if that is the case it should be easy to correct. ;)




    Nevermind, just read BenKey's last post as I typed this. Now I think I understand what is going on. Sounds like they don't actually 'lock out' the tune at all. That said I don't think I could justify spending $700 just to be able to buy tunes mail-order. If I had the software I would figure it out myself through trial and error. :crazy:

  9. usually the first time they just lube it...second time they replace it with the new design shaft


    I was told today by the owner of my local dealership that even if they replace the intermediate steering shaft it will just develop the same noise again within 15,000 miles. He states that regular greasing is required, and he thinks GM should just put a grease fitting on the shaft since it has to be done all the time. Anyone have any feedback on this?? Sound like :icon_bs: to me.



  10. That's exactly what I was thinking, I still have a bone-stock PCM to play with. ;)

    Does the tuning software somehow lock the PCM so that only that same software can re-alter it? Seems strange that I couldn't use EFI Live if my PCM was programmed with HP Tuners.



  11. Just curious why you would buy a tune and then turn around and buy the software to do it all yourself? Just seems like money waisted to me, unless he is using the same exact software.


    I am thinking of going the same route. In my mind, tuning is a bit complicated for the novice so getting a custom tune from someone who knows what they are doing seems like a perfect starting point. I can then modify and fine tune things a bit more. Plus I want to go with efans in the future and it will save me alot of time and money to be able to turn them on myself. Plus, being a former GM technician, I would love to have the capability to read any future trouble codes that may arise. With EFI Live you get more capability than techs at a GM dealer have.

    BenKey, remember how cheap the tunes from Wait4me are to begin with. He only charges $75 if you send him your PCM and $157 if you want him to provide one!! :thumbs:




  12. If I understand correctly, there is no way to activate a pin without a custom tune. In another thread I asked about being about to turn on the fans using the Tech2 (official GM scan tool) and the verdict is that no, you cannot do it. The Tech2 can only reflash the PCM, it cannot modify individual settings at all. So yes, if you had a flash for an '05 truck (which includes efans from the factory) it should enable them on an older truck. However, there must be other differences between an '03 and '05 so I don't think I would do that.


    Go with a custom tune from PCMforless or Wait4me Performance (my preference) or the other option is to get yourself a copy of EFILive and do it yourself. Given the cost of the software it's probably cheaper to get a custom tune. I got a new PCM with a custom tune from Wait4me for $157 shipped. Can't beat that price! He will reprogram your PCM for only $75 but then you are looking at some down time while you send it out to him.


    EFILive is a kick-ass piece of software, I just wish it wasn't soooo damn expensive!!



  13. My buddy at the delaership told me to just make an appointment saying the MIL is on. He is just going to do the relearn and write it up as if it was still stock and that's all it needed. Since it is extremely unlikely that a dealer will reflash your PCM maybe you should do the same: don't tell them you have a new PCM, just that the MIL is on. If you still have warranty left they shouldn't charge you at all. You may want to add that you don't want the PCM to be flashed. ;)


    Wait a minute, iwineng03ss, you told me you ordered EFILive the other day. In that case I would just wait till you get the software and do it yourself. I put a good 45 miles on my truck today and it runs fine even with the MIL on. I have code P0315 wich is: Crankshaft Position (CKP) System Variation Not Learned.


    Here is a great link with full info about that DTC:

    DTC P0315 info


    Based on what I read there, I don't see how a new PCM from Jesse could possiby not need the relearn done. If you sent your own PCM to be reprogrammed, it would still have the crankshaft variation info stored so the relearn would not have to be done. :thumbs:



  14. Got my new tuned PCM from Wait4me Performance today. DAMN! Feels like a whole new truck! Pulls alot stronger now than it ever did before. Looks like I do need a crank position relearn done though - I have a constant MIL and code P0315 is stored. My code reader only show me the code, I can't run a relearn myself. Going in to the dealer tomarrow night to get that done. Only driven around town with it so far, but I am very happy with the improvement already!! :driving:



  15. I am thinking about getting in on the deal on efans going on right now from CAMMIN03 but I'm wondering how easy it will be to turn them on. I have been playing with the demo version of EFILive and a sample stock '03 .tun file. It certainly looks easy to do with that software but I can't afford the price tag on it just yet. The $240 deal on brand new efans I can pull off right now so I think I should get them while the price lasts.


    I worked as a Cadillac tech at the local GM "automall" and still am buddies with a couple techs there. Does anyone know if the tech2 has the capability to turn on the fans and set turn on/turn off temps like EFILive can do? I can probably get this done for free. I have a custom tune coming from Wait4me right now and it would really suck to have to send it out for reprogramming right after I get it. Been going nuts waiting for it now. :sigh:


    I used the tech2 for a couple months after it first came out, but just about that time I got sick of turning wrenches for a living and left the business for good. I read and cleared codes and watched live data but never modified anything. not sure is it can do that.


    Thanks :thumbs:



  16. Sorry, I thought I had worded that clear enough :crazy:


    Reading through the older posts on this site about people building home made ram air tubes, I see mention of using duct tape to close off the big open side of the box (leading to the fenderwell) leaving only the hole in the bottom as the only air inlet on the box (via the ram air tube). So I was wondering if Volant had some kind of cover for the fender well opening that you got when you ordered the optional tube. Sounds like you guys are saying no.

    So the optional ram air tube is NOT the only air inlet, it simply adds positive pressure to the box at speed if I understand correctly. What I was trying to decide is if I should cover that fenderwell opening or not. Wonder why people were/are covering that fenderwell side of the box if Volant wasn't doing it themselves??


    Also wondering if Volant redesigned the optional tube when they redid the box. Does it still put a twist on your fromt bumper cover or did they fix that??


    Thanks :thumbs:



  17. Does the ram tube from Volant come with some kind of a block-off plate or something to cover the open end of the box? I have seen talk of others with the home made tube taping off the box and wondered if Volant has a provision for this. Also would like to know if Volant redesigned the tube when they did the box. I've searched the forums and haven't found the answer to this yet.




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