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  1. I'm in for another.. Mine is pretty old and I'd like a new one.. count me in for a black outlined. bill
  2. Here's a power steering pump removal and install how to video
  3. UPDATE: hopefully this will help someone with similar issues. New rear baer rotors and hawk pads on the rear. I definately had to shim the rear calipers to get them even over the rotors. I think this was a major issue in my first experience with this setup. Used my GM Tech 2 to auto bleed the entire system. I Used the auto bleed on each wheel starting with the passenger rear, driver rear, passenger front and lastly driver front. What a difference. I have way more pedal and no more front shimmy in the wheel or pedal when braking. The brakes stop on a dime and I still haven't installed my hydroboost setup. I plan on doing that next weekend. I must say that the tech 2 rocks and I only wish I would have coined up and bought one earlier. Feel free to ask any questions.. Bill
  4. Just came in over the weekend. Plan on doing the upgrade next weekend (time permitting) bill
  5. Darien, thanks a lot.. I haven't been able to find this part number.. really appreciate it. Bill
  6. Thanks for your reply guys. Anyone have the hydro pedal part number? Really looking forward to this mod
  7. hey guys, I've searched all over and wanted to be sure I'm getting the right parts for doing a hydroboost upgrade. I have an 04 SS and wanted to know if an 04 2500HD hydroboost pump, power steering lines and power steering pump will all work before I purchased.. Just wanted to confirm. Thanks for your responses. Bill
  8. Since I received so many replies, I'm going to take it up to the dealer and get them to run the tech 2 scan bleed on the abs modules and see what happens.. I'll let everone/myself know the outcome lol. Bill
  9. Hey guys, been a long time since I've posted on here. I've had a Z06 upgrade for several years and have been happy with this setup. For the last couple of months, I've been having bad pulsating when braking in the front left driver side area. I can feel it in both the pedal and steering wheel. I figured it was a warped rotor so I replaced both the driver and passenger front brakes with,15" baer rotors, brand new one piece hawk pads, and a brand new calipers. Believe it or not, I'm having the exact bad pulsating in my front left driver side when braking. I didn't even get a chance to bed the pads yet. Any ideas? The one thing I didn't do is replace or touch the rears at all. I was going to get the rear rotors turned and replace the pads next. Not sure if a problem with the rear would effect the front. I also wanted to note that I did a complete brake fluid flush using a Motive products Power bleeder bleeder as well. Thanks for your input in advance. Bill
  10. Congrats Fireman.. well done brother
  11. Welcome to the site.. I haven't been on in a while, but you will find a wealth of information and a lot of good peeps on this forum.. Enjoy
  12. I just had this exact thing happen to me last week.. I blew a piston on the drive side front caliper and lost a puck as well. I had to ride the emergency brake all the way home and was scared shitless.. I even tried pumping the brake which didn't do much at all. I'm not sure if I should just get new calipers or what now. I was also getting uneven wear on my pads like yourself.. I'm not sure if the new style brackets will help with this problem or not. Not sure if I should go with new calipers or just get a new BIG brake kit.. Pretty pricey decisions to make.. Keep us posted on anything you find out or decide to do. Bill
  13. These are the brackets that I just received from Rudy as well. Jeff good to see your still around, although I hate to see that you sold our SS brother...
  14. Thanks for the reply.. I wasn't sure Rudy was still around or not. . thanks again Bill
  15. Guys, any idea where I can get the new style Z06 style caliper brackets? I'm not sure who is selling them these days.. thanks in advance. Bill
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