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  1. Listed my blower on ebay-http://www.ebay.com/itm/Magnuson-Radix-MP122HH-Supercharger-/141777170480?hash=item210293f030&vxp=mtr
  2. I got off the phone with Metco just now and ordered another 8 rib pully to match this one. Of course after 15 min of pulling the trigger now I am wondering if it looks retarded to you guys having a wider pulley then the belt? I can't see any harm to having a wider pulley. I just don't think it looks to good. I also noticed the guy who had these parts used a 8 rib tensioner pulley. IDK what do you guys think? Edit: Delete this as I cant upload the pic as its to big for this site.
  3. Cool, thanks for the response. I just ordered one from Ray. We will see how it does on my setup.
  4. How is this mod working out? I am thinking of ordering it soon as I am doing a cam swap and sending the blower out to be refreshed.
  5. Wtb stock spindles. Have a set of drop spindles if interested in a trade plus $50.
  6. Like the title says. Wtb stock spindles. Also will have 2" drop spindles available after stock install is back on. Trade me your stockers plus $50 and you can have them. I will need yours first tho. Also can have shocks too as I wont need them.
  7. I like that! I am going to look into something like that. As far as the battery dying I am not that worried as I drive the truck daily and I know from fishing last week my buddy drove my truck from the launch ramp and left the park lights on and they shut off automatic.
  8. My prayers go out to the families and friends of this tragic incident. Lot's of nuts out there.
  9. I just ordered the handle off a crew cab without the cylinder lock. Three times now in three years all getting access from the cylinder lock, over it. I know if they want it bad enough they will get it. I just want it as hard as possible. I wish our gun laws out here were not so f'ed up, Cali is the absolute worst state when regarding fire arms.
  10. I know, I have already lost sleep thinking the things I wish I could have done.
  11. Great idea, If I don't hook up the key stuff can they still get in? Do the thief's need access to the cylinder lock hole to get in to open it? I only say because I just had the new handle painted. I was thinking if I didn't hook up the lock cylinder and didn't attach the bar it might be ok? I do like your way best and probably go that rout.
  12. Exactly. I am hoping I or someone else spots the truck. It had dealer plates on it but could not recognize the dealer besides it having three cursive letters on it. I'm sure that plate is off by now. Thanks for the ideas guys. I am going to put some of these to use. I have talked to my mechanic and he has some good ideas on killing the electrical to fuel pump. Is an air horn doable to add to an alarm? The alarm I have is a good one, or was for it's time 8 years ago. It has a kill to the ignition. Thefts have some sort of relay under my hood, tossing one of mine out.
  13. Yesterday morning at my work parking lot around 9:45 am two Hispanic's in a 03'-07' Black Chevy single cab short bed with SS badges and paper plates almost got my baby. I heard my alarm in my office, didn't take it as a big deal. Started walking to where the truck was parked and heard the motor fire up. I was like wtf in my head. Started running over to were I can see the hood open. Guy in the truck spots me running over and gets in there getaway truck wile I am literary trying to kick the getaway truck. If I was seconds later my truck would have been gone. They broke in with a screwdriver. Looks like the hit the key cylinder out, broke my ignition, got past my viper alarm and had some sort of relay under the hood. I would take a pic but the cops took it with them after I filed a report. These guys were good. Alarm was not activated longer then a minute. Anyone got any tips on helping stop this? I was thinking a hood lock would be a good start. Our handles where the lock cylinder is is made of plastic, weak! This is the third attempt in the last three years on my truck. All three times I was lucky enough to hear my alarm and scare them off.
  14. Its painted. Pain in the ass because the truck is my daily driver to keep it clean. Paint holds up good, we shot it with PCL. I have seen others that look faded or primer like after a while.
  15. Me too! I feel exactly the same. My truck is eight years old and has been my DD since new, nothing out there worth the price to replace her. Shit a Suburban is 60k loaded now a days. Just throw some more money at the SS and see if that work lol.
  16. I have some Infinity Kappas on there way 6"x9" we will see if they fit. I have a feeling the magnet will be too big.
  17. I thought I read on here we have 6"x9" rear speakers in the SSS. I removed the door panels to put some sound dampener in and there little Micky mouse speakers. I don't have the speakers here yet, they are being shipped. Can they fit with some cutting or no go?
  18. Thanks, I am going to get that one so the amps match.
  19. Thanks guys! Next on the list is to bring the rear down 1" and the front 3/4". Got the rims and tires from a local tire shop here. I can give you his info if you like. Tires were $760 and the rims were $760 including install. I figure I can sell my stocks to almost cover the new rims. 305/40/22
  20. Just a few quick pic's of the new shoes. Take more once she is cleaned up.
  21. I'll look into the Alpine stuff. I am not set on JL but thought I would have my amps match. Trying not to go to crazy on the amp so was thinking about this one in the link but am not sure if it will power my new Focal's and plan on getting some 6"x9" Infinity Kappa 3 ways in the rear http://www.jlaudio.com/jx360-4-car-audio-jx-amplifiers-99395
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