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  1. Hello! Anyone have a Driver Door Cladding for sale? I would be grateful if someone has one or knows of someone that does. Please let me know. Thank you! Jim
  2. Thanks...I have not turned fans on manually. Not sure how to do that! But see the 284 degree setting...that's the one I changed because fan (s) were not running with AC. The setting in Z06 was 185 degrees so I change it in truck and honestly thought that had corrected the issue...until the 90 degree day yesterday. Both fans are running now when idling and AC stops cooling. This all started with the High Pressure fill valve leaking... took truck to AC shop to evac and refill freon and guy noticed AC would not cool at idle but all pressures were correct. He even replaced switch...even though it was working correctly because there was nothing else he could find wrong. His final idea was AC head unit defective. When I checked, I found fans were not running when AC not cooling...and i checked and changed "fan on with AC degree". Like I said...it seemed to work until the 90 degree day. Truck cools fine, or so it seems, when it's above idle and moving.
  3. Hello, I added factory 06 electric fans to my 04 and loaded the fan settings from stock 06 tune files. AC worked until temperatures rose to upper 80's and low 90's. Now after 15 or so minutes of driving...when I come to a light and engine has to idle for a minute or so...AC goes hot! I found a setting in the stock tune that was wrong and corrected...had to do with 1st fan on with AC. Corrected the value and thought it fixed problem...but it was hot again today and AC went back to blowing hot at idle after 15 minutes. It's been to AC shop...pressures are correct. The AC guys only idea was the control head unit might need replacing. Any ideas?????? Would anyone share the complete list of values that must be corrected when electric fans are installed in manual fan truck. Maybe I missed a setting or have a value wrong. That for the help! Jimmy
  4. Hello Alan and Scott...Great pictures and write up! Glad to see others getting the same results as I did. It's a pleasant surprise what a cheap and easy modification results in a tremendious improvement in ride and handling. It makes the truck fun to drive again. I really like the shock mount idea, that makes it super simple.
  5. Hi EXGM...Nice reply...apology accepted, thanks! If you re-read my first post, I stated some people had used muffler clamps, not that I had. But honestly...there is not much difference in a muffler clamp and a laser-cut clamp that looks just like a muffler clamp, other than the fabricated clamp being a bit wider and a few thousandths thicker metal! The muffler clamp would do exactly the same job...I'd prefer it be welded, but it will work just clamped. Some of the expensive aftermarket set-ups used a muffler clamp arrangement...back in the day! Now I'm telling my age, for sure. And, as for looking stock, it is the only way we build them...Quick story, we took a 4th gen Trans Am, that had a true Pontiac motor, custom designed and built fuel injection and computer controlled system and fuel rail covers installed (Pontiacs built with Chevy motors are not Pontiacs!), to the Pontiac National Convention in 2005...the car was ignored! Until the last day of the show, when the editor of High Performance Pontiac magazine walked by and said...were doing an article on this car!!! What a nice feeling to have someone recognize the effort that we put into that car...unlike the 100's of die-hard Pontiac people that ignored it because they thought it was a factory 4th gen! Taught me a lesson...when I go to shows now...I am careful to look for the no so obvious!
  6. Hello EXGM, I was offended by your reply. I own a precision industrial machine shop with ISO 9001 certification...we do not "hack" anything. We sell parts to Corning, General Electric, Schindler Elevators, IKA, etc. We ship parts all over the world! Our rejection rate is less than 1%! Why would you make an assumption that because someone did not post pictures, that the finished product might look like "crap"...excuse my poor use of words. I posted this simply because I was so impressed with the results, I thought others might want to look into it for themselves! If I could dig up the info...being an older gentleman...why can't you spend a little time and dig up the information for yourself! "As far as wasting your time"...Why would you begin any project without a clear understanding of what you were undertaking and well laid plans to complete that task? Life is to short! I am sorry for posting this for others to see, but its time we started caring about others and their feelings. Jimmy
  7. For what it's worth...I have the original spare still in place and B&B Triflow true duals exiting in original location...absolutely no issues with either.
  8. What a great idea...Aldofashow! This will make it a super easy install...Maybe you could do a "How To" for others to follow! I can't get over the improvement in handling...
  9. Sorry...do a Web search (Tahoe rear sway on Silverado and also, Suburban rear sway on Silverado)...there is an article on this forum from 2006 or so, but pictures are removed. There is one article on Performance Trucks with pictures and other places as well, if my old memory serves me correctly.
  10. Any Tahoe/Suburban 2001-2006 should work, I robbed an 04. No pictures, but it's been done many times...search "Tahoe rear sway on Silverado"...
  11. I added a Tahoe rear sway bar to my SSS last week and was total surprised by the handling improvement! I didn't expect the noticeable improvement. My truck is 2-2 drop with spindles and hangers...not the best choice, but what it came with, poly sway bar mounts up front on stock sway, Edelbrock IAS shocks, stock width rims and Goodyears. I welded a bracket on axle for sway and a bracket on frame for trailing arm. Factory Tahoe trailing arm length was just about perfect for my drop. Could not have been much easier... and the improvement was immediate. Just driving on a straight road, the feel was tighter. For an old guy the cornering perfect...curves that I worried about at 55...were a breeze at 65 in a flat, level, under-control truck! What a great CHEAP mod for anyone with welding capabilities...heck, I have read of folks doing it with muffler clamps on axle and bolting a bracket on frame! Well worth the time and little money expense! Jimmy
  12. Denali 20" x 8.5" Wheels / Rims w/ tire pressure sensors. Absolutely perfect condition...well, as close as you will probably find, short of buying new rims! These have very few miles. Taken off a 2010 Denali truck and stored. I bought them for my Silverado SS, but I did not care for the look after I put them on! 6 x 139.7 bolt circle. 31mm offset. Sensor attached. Factory GM rims, made in the USA! Chrome is excellent! Only the center caps are not original GM... $800.00 Open to trades for Chrome or maybe silver SS or TBSS rims...only. Thanks for looking! Jimmy
  13. Hi, I'm having low idle issues and would appreciate some help. 04 SS basically stock except shorty headers and true duals. Thought it was a dirty TB, but cleaned it good and no change...honestly it is worse! MAF was also cleaned, but that was about three weeks ago...before the problems started! This problem seemed to begin after I downloaded the tune and added electric fans. Best I can tell...only the fan info changed...but the truck has run worse since and the mileage is down 1 mpg!!! Could there have been a mail-order tune on truck that EFILive did not read? It seemed to download properly...but something has changed! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks, Jimmy
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