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  1. No the Colorado/Canyon are built on the GMT-355 platform. The TBSS is a GMT-360. The SSS is a GMT-800.
  2. Dorian Ford on Gratiot Ave. Has a C5 Z06 (01-04) for aboug $31000
  3. I doubt it Jreily, i have a Trailblazer SS with PCM tune, well over 400 HP with the tune, and i cannot keep up with my buddies stock 04 lightning. He gets a good 2 truck lengths from 0-60 and then we stay pretty even from there on. Considering a Silverado is just as heavy (or heavier) then the TBSS, your probably looking at a 14.5 at the track with the 6.2, Ofcourse, with a 6 speed auto, that might improve a bit,
  4. Damn it seems nobody likes the new bodystyle except me. Granted, its a departure from the general body lines that were used to from a chevy truck for the last several years, but I think after time it will grow on people. And rumor has it that when the silverado SS DOES return for the GMT 900's (im not sure when it will) that GM has something "special" set aside for it(LS7? Supercharged LS2?") Last I knew production for the GMT 900 Silverado was supposed to start in October of THIS year, so i dont know why everyones calling this an 08 if its coming out in a few months.......
  5. To make a long story short Im trying to buy some property and I needed a lower debt to imcome ratio so I had to trade in my SS for an 04 Grand Prix GTP Comp G. The payment was $200 a month lower and the monthly gas expenses droped in half as well. It was a hard choice to make but after everythings in the clear with the property (which will give me over $1000 a month in rental income) I plan on letting my girlfriend buy the Comp G and im getting a Trailblazer SS. The SS will be missed, Richard
  6. I had this since the truck was bought with 2500 miles on it used for about 30K. I re-oiled it about 2000 miles ago. Perfect shape and the K&N sticker is unused. The recharge kit is 75% full of fluids. They were over $60 new. First $30+shipping takes them both Email me at [email protected] if your intersted
  7. Yes I do. If your interstested my cell is 810-488-5418. Thanks, Richard
  8. I took out one of these when i first got my SS. A black shortcab 2WD HEMI, as light and as fast as those HEMI's come. Nice Kill! But pull up to an SRT-10 and it will be a different story, trust me i know.
  9. My and my buddy (who just bought an 04 lightning a few weeks ago) pulled up to a red light tonight. I knew that i was going to lose but i was surprised that when the light turned green I pulled about 1 trucklength on him until about 55 when he flew by me like a bat out of hell. He just sat there and spun. Cant beat the SS holeshot!
  10. Well everyone Ive decided to sell my 03 SS. I love the truck but i love the Trailblazer SS I test drove more. Its a Victory Red AWD with 29,000 miles on the odometer. Its loaded and has Bose, XM, Onstar 6 Disk CD changer, Leather, bed liner and a Freedom bed cover. Power Everything. Very clean, warrantied until 36K or March of 2008. Tires have around 50% tread remaining, another 15-20K easily. Im asking the payoff amount of $24,400 for the truck. The truck is completely stock. I have pictures of the truck to whoevers interested. PM me or email me at [email protected] Serious inquiries only please. Richard
  11. Anyone lucky enough to get their tires replaced under warranty?
  12. Its amazing that our vehicles are only a few years old at the most and have so many problems. Just leave it unlocked in 8 mile in detroit. Come back in about an hour either it will be either gone or on cinder blocks.
  13. How about anything regarding a cold start knock on an 03 SS. Any TSB's on that?
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