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  1. Here they are http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Silverado-S...1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. Maybe it will grow on me but for now
  3. Still for sale; I will sell 4 for $1050 local pick up Spare for $250 local pick up I will ship at your expense.
  4. NEW PRICE $1295 for all 5 Selling a set of four with 15,000 miles plus a spare with a matching tire that has only 2,000 miles! These are in great condition. NO curbing, but a few MINOR marks from mounting/dismounting tires; not really worth mentioning, but it is best to mention even small imperfections. These tires have been great performers, much better than the stock LS tires. The wheels themselves are about the same mileage, the stock tires were taken off at around 3k miles and sold. Located in Norman, Oklahoma. I would rather not ship, but I would consider doing that if they can't be sold locally. $1425 for all five (local pickup) or best offer takes it all. My guess would be that they should have a treadlife of about 45 to 50 thousand miles, but I am not sure. They have a LOT of tread left. I have had these on my regular cab 4.8. Thanks, Jason
  5. I have a set for sale (silver) with Eagle GT II tires on them, 15K miles. Oklahoma City. send me an email at zimmerer at gmail.com if interested. Thanks Jason
  6. The spray ins are the way to go.....love my Line-X. You'll like yours too, I'm sure....congrats.
  7. I think it looks really good....factory moonroof options are about that price anyway....good move.
  8. They both look good....the Cobalt is light years beyond the last offering from Chevy in that price bracket (Cavalier) or so I read.
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