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  1. PadronCubans

    DFW Hang out

    wheres everyone planning on meeting up at... i know its on the 15th at 9.... but where i dont think i caught thats... i live in Plano been wanting to meet up with some of the guys from sss.com
  2. PadronCubans


    yayyy!!! finnally u gbot em dude... how are things going down in the MIA??? tell everyone i said whats up!! im throwed!!!
  3. PadronCubans

    Put the MSD 8.5mm wires on

    i just recently installed the tr55ix's and msd superconductors 8.5mm ... didnt really notice any gains... just got the wires for looks and said might as well chenge plugs too so i got the BEST! good modd though!!
  4. PadronCubans

    New Gold SS Bowtie Picture

  5. PadronCubans

    New to the scene

    welcome to the site man sexy car... what kinda mods you got done to her?
  6. PadronCubans

    Oh my goodness, Help Please Quick

    not tryin to be an assh*le but that tire's tread pattern doesnt look directional... you shouldnt have a problem mounting them the other way.
  7. PadronCubans

    Oh my goodness, Help Please Quick

    Put the rights on the left side and the lefts on the right side. No I don't mean take the wheels off and just move them. You will need to dismount the tires and have them swapped or just flip the tires over and remount them on the same wheel but then install the wheel on the other side of the truck. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> they should be black on the other side.... dunno any tire companies who put white walls/letters on both sides.
  8. PadronCubans

    Antenna Delete

    nice thanx ... god i still have yet to order that lol too busy!! why are they always switching around part #'s geese!!
  9. PadronCubans

    exhaust leak

    lol yeah meee tooo!!
  10. PadronCubans

    any thoghts?

    lol i knew i wasnt dillusional!
  11. PadronCubans

    Stock Intake Manifold 2003 SSS 4 SALE

    what intake manifold did u put on ur truck?
  12. PadronCubans

    exhaust leak

    wtf is going on there?
  13. PadronCubans

    any thoghts?

    wtf it posted twice? how do u delete?
  14. PadronCubans

    any thoghts?

    i have a stock pcm and my fuel cut off kicks in at like 97mph <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You must have a 2wd. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> no its an 05 AWD
  15. PadronCubans

    any thoghts?

    i have a stock pcm and my fuel cut off kicks in at like 97mph <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You must have a 2wd. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> no its an 05 AWD