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  1. I have an 06+ Silverado grille. Not an SSS grille, but basically the same, never been installed, still has the plastic on it... and I have a billet bowtie to go with it. $200 plus shipping.
  2. http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/index.php You'll find enough ideas for days on here..
  3. Bose blows, period. I have a Denon receiver, and Boston Acoustic speaker setup. 5 speakers, 12 inch sub, and it rocks my house.
  4. My DD. 1994 Toyota 4x4...And its for sale...lol
  5. I sold my 04 to guy in Oklahoma back in July, and picked this up the same day. 2011 Silverado ext. cab Z71 with the appearance package. I love it.
  6. Welcome to the GMT-900 Club! I love mine!
  7. I have a 2006+ Silverado grille chrome with red wings. Brand new, never been installed except for a test fit. Still has the factory plastic on it. I had planned on putting this on my 04 along with a hood, never did, sold the truck. $200 plush shipping. Also have the lower valence off of my 2011 Silverado. Took it off at 500 miles. I dont want it. $20 plus shipping. Pic of the grille on my 04, I was just testing it. I can get a pic of the valence of theres intrest.
  8. Kicking it up to the top. GOnna get a good Adams bath tomorrow.
  9. Still love the SSS's, but Im going for new, and 4x4 this time around.
  10. It's a custom head unit mount I had made from here. http://humount.com/
  11. I love those, but I cant not have a truck.
  12. Thanks man. I really appreciate that. I hate to let it go, but Im ready for an upgrade, and I NEED the space. Gotta make room for the car seat. No worries tho, the new 1 will be badass as well, Ive got plans for it too.
  13. It is now time for it to go. The addition to the family will be here soon, (Aug. 12th). Time to upgrade, so I am gonna spring for a new ext cab 4x4. So, the 2 reg cabs gotta go. So here it is, the final for sure for sale thread for my truck. It is a 2004 Silverado LS. Regular cab short bed. I am the original owner, garage kept, never seen snow. Power windows, power locks. Sliding rear glass. Kenwood CD/MP3 player. Dual Climate control. Strong 5.3, 4L60E, and 3.73 locking(G80) rear end. The PCM has a tune, very strong. K&N FIPK, and dual dumped Flowmasters. Now, for all the add on's. Street Scene Silverado SS front bumper cover, and rear roll pan that matches. FUll colormatched everything, mirror caps, door handles, tailgate handle, and front grille. Street Scene brushed speed grilles. ARE hard bed cover, BedRug carpeted bed liner. 2 inch lowering shackles. 8000k HID's, Hi's and Low's. OEM Silverado SS 20's with practically brand new BFGoodrich gForce KDW2's, less than 2000 miles. Full floor console swap. Silverado SS instrument cluster, and the factory original. Hidden hitch with flip up license plate. I have a set of factory efans that'll go with it, along with an 06 grille, I was going to convert it. The truck has about 70,000 miles, will change, b/c it is my daily right now unfortunately. Absolutely zero wrong with the truck. I LOVE it, and do not want to sell, but it is time to let it go. Im asking $13,000, but that is neg. I bet there is so much more I have forgotten, and everything was done by me, except for the exhaust, and paint. SO any questions, ask away. Here's pics, if you want more just ask.
  14. You have 7 posts on here, and you're trying to sell something, I suggest getting the pics with some sort of proof its yours if you wanna sell it. Hard to trust people these days, especially with a purchase like this.
  15. I think the factory fogs will work fine behind the scoops. The 03-06 style factory fogs.
  16. Why are you calling this truck an SS? Its not.
  17. You were flying werent you?
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