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  1. I have an 06+ Silverado grille. Not an SSS grille, but basically the same, never been installed, still has the plastic on it... and I have a billet bowtie to go with it. $200 plus shipping.
  2. http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/index.php You'll find enough ideas for days on here..
  3. Bose blows, period. I have a Denon receiver, and Boston Acoustic speaker setup. 5 speakers, 12 inch sub, and it rocks my house.
  4. My DD. 1994 Toyota 4x4...And its for sale...lol
  5. I sold my 04 to guy in Oklahoma back in July, and picked this up the same day. 2011 Silverado ext. cab Z71 with the appearance package. I love it.
  6. Welcome to the GMT-900 Club! I love mine!
  7. I have a 2006+ Silverado grille chrome with red wings. Brand new, never been installed except for a test fit. Still has the factory plastic on it. I had planned on putting this on my 04 along with a hood, never did, sold the truck. $200 plush shipping. Also have the lower valence off of my 2011 Silverado. Took it off at 500 miles. I dont want it. $20 plus shipping. Pic of the grille on my 04, I was just testing it. I can get a pic of the valence of theres intrest.
  8. Kicking it up to the top. GOnna get a good Adams bath tomorrow.
  9. Still love the SSS's, but Im going for new, and 4x4 this time around.
  10. It's a custom head unit mount I had made from here. http://humount.com/
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