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  1. Here was my 55 gallon, its since been sold about 3 years ago. Not sure if I miss it. They are beautiful but a PIA especially if you have to travel alot. Theres not too many people I would trust watching my tank. 55 gallon, 25gallon sump. Euro Reef skimmer, 6 bulb T5's. Mainly SPS and LPS. All the SPS were from ORA Reef.
  2. Well I have had it for 5 days and have not looked back at the SSS. I frickin love this thing! Most def. needs a tune though.
  3. In terms of miles and horsepower I would say its an upgrade. The poor SSS had 160,000 miles and was getting expensive to fix and upkeep and was getting nervous what was going to break next. I ran into a deal that I couldn't pass up on an 06 TBSS with only 25,000 miles. I absolutely love this thing. Rides solid, no ratttles yet, good power, and WARRANTY! I do miss the SSS but it was getting tired, and couldn't stand how every panel in the truck would rattle and the ride was getting really sloppy. Plans for the TBSS? nothing major right now as money is tight. First things first, paint the bo
  4. But now that i think of it, I might just leave it off. I think it looks clean without it.
  5. Cool, I will get one made locally based off that. Thanks!!
  6. Because some douche bag desided to key my tailgate, I had to get it repainted and remove the emblems. Unfortunately the Silverado emblem below the "SS" was disposed of at the bodyshop. Anyone have to replace theirs before? Thanks.
  7. Think this will fit in my truck box? http://www.ebay.com/itm/BAC-TSR2-RAF-Aircraft-Olympus-320-Jet-Engine-TSR-2-UNIQUE-Oportunity-/130574234473?pt=Motors_Aviation_Parts_Gear&hash=item1e66d4b369&vxp=mtr
  8. I have it and it depresses me daily that I wasted 600 bucks on that system. "no highs, or lows, it must be bose"
  9. The time has come and I am in need for an upgrade. I will be selling the SS for a 09 Sierra Denali. Just curious on what you guys think I could get for my truck. Specs: -03 Silverado SS -145,000 and in Excellent shape. Paint is immaculate, no dents, scratches, blemishes, etc... -Interior shows some wear on the leather seats -22" replicas -2/3 lowered -Pioneer Double Din, 12" w3, 600/1 JBL, JBL components -Astro Car Starter -CAI, Exaust -I will be selling as is. I will not be removing anything from the truck. I know aftermarket parts do not increase the value of the truc
  10. Did that to mine about 3 years ago with black vinyl. I did the eyelids and blacked out the amber corners. I like the way it looks.
  11. If I were able to do it all over again, I would have just got the ultimate kit. You will save tons of money in the long run. http://www.adamspolishes.com/p-611-adams-ultimate-porter-cable-7424xp-detail-kit.aspx About a year ago is when I first ordered some Adam's products. This included, Americana, Detail Spray, Super VRT, and All Purpose Cleaner. Now a year later I pretty much own the whole product line. Now have I just ordered the ulitmate kit, I would have saved tons a money not only on the products but shipping as well. Now, if you are familiar with machine polishing and have
  12. It's a half ton truck with a 345hp and runs a 15 in the quarter. I don't consider the SS a sport truck. IMO its a good platform for either lowering or lifting. The cladding makes for a beefy looking truck that I think compliments the lift very well.
  13. You don't necessarily let Americana "haze" it's almost ready for removal right after you apply it. I wouldn't apply the wax to the whole vehicle and then remove it. I usually do a quarter of the vehicle then remove the residue. If it sits too long it can be difficult to remove.
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