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  1. No, it's an 04 and is out of warranty.
  2. I have a GMC Sierra VHO. I bought mine on May 11, 2004 at Don Davis in Lake Jackson, TX. They had the charcoal gray which I bought and a pewter colored VHO. I now live in College Station and I still like mine a whole lot, even with 70000 miles and a couple of little bruises.
  3. I have had a couple of the lights for the radio buttons on the steering when go dark, plus a couple of the lights for the buttons on the radio. Also, the light for the headlight switch goes off and on. Can any of these be changed or fixed without a major problem? It drives me crazy to be missing some of these lights.
  4. My A/C quit working last night and was blowing HOT air out of the vents. I pushed the a/c buttons at the bottom of the control unit (dual zone - not digitial) and they didn't work, nor did the rear window defogger button. Went to the local dealer this am and they confirmed my suspicions -- control unit is messed up. They have to order a new one and install. Told me it would cost about $300 to fix. Is that right? I asked if I could get one off of a wrecked/junk vehicle and they said yes, but they would have to reprogram the computer? I didn't know the computer controlled the a/c also.
  5. I own one of the 2004 GMC -- Vortec High Output trucks in charcoal gray. I like it a lot -- it is FAST and handles like a sports car. The only think that I wish it had was a 6 speed transmission. And the badges were already on mine when I bought it in May 2004. Bought at Don Davis in Lake Jackson, TX.
  6. 18handicap

    2WD SS

    I have the GMC Sierra VHO and I have 4 wheel disc brakes.
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