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  1. I got hit about a month ago and now looking to find a passenger side rocker panel part#88980186. Any leads on finding one of these is greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!
  2. jchitwo

    Looking for ONE silver SS center cap!

    I woke up this morning to see I too was in the market for a set of new center caps! Anyone in Mesa, Az got some cheap? lol
  3. jchitwo

    Bad Ass Video

    Awesome, but no wheelie bar? could be running 8's
  4. jchitwo

    Boom! Son Of A B***h

    That sucks man, especially during the holiday's!
  5. Need a little help, My roommates truck 2002 silverado excab, 4.3lr engine, Keeps kicking over to limp mode... We've been though it changed the spark plugs, rotor, distributor, and wires. So far it keeps throwing codes for the mass air flow sensor, we replaced that and still same problem, it kicks over to limp mode when it warms up. So far it just doesn't have any power, and runs like ass! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Chitwood
  6. jchitwo

    Some of my best work yet...

    Your favorite charity....YOU!
  7. jchitwo

    Greetings from Korea!

    Just hangin out at Youngson for the next little bit, just inside of Seoul....
  8. jchitwo

    Greetings from Korea!

    It's been a little bit but just hangin out and kicking back here in Korea, had some fun times and now looking foward to heading back home and driving my truck again. Oh and nothing bad about the Navy... but I sometimes wonder...lol Just a little peak into North Korea, Wave to the NK guy on the steps.. This is a South Korean Guard on his left is NK... This is the Infamous Bridge of no return. Then some fun training! Then some fun out in town And more fun in town Love my favorite street vendors But what I'd really like is to learn to read some of this stuff!
  9. jchitwo

    Back in the shop again!

    I got her back today! with a new oil pump... a newly lubed intermediate steering shaft, one new steering gear, a new battery, and aligned the steering! Huge difference in the way it feels driving down the road, and it doesn't dogtrack anymore....
  10. jchitwo

    Back in the shop again!

    WELL... what's the deal on this..... thanks <{POST_SNAPBACK}> guess their going to replace it with a new heavier duty box because the old one's can't really cut it... I dunno for sure. I'll find out when I get her back.
  11. jchitwo

    Back in the shop again!

    That's not a bad deal... so far they've got no clue what is really wrong with her, so I'll just have to stop by on tuesday and talk to the tech's. But they did replace the intermediate steering shaft and will be replacing the steering box.... bad response on the power steering. 56chevywagon talked to me about it and the dealer found a bulliten. thanks cody!
  12. jchitwo

    Back in the shop again!

    Just venting, went to lunch today and started back to the office, no oil pressure... well about 2hrs later and a tow it's back at the dealer, good news is I still have about 500miles left on my warranty, and they can fix my clunking steering column.
  13. jchitwo

    Way Too Fast!

    Well into the dealer it went today, They finally found a new cluster to replace it with. and they also may have to fix the steering colum, damn clunking, and my slooooow passenger window.
  14. jchitwo

    Way Too Fast!

    So It broke on Saturday during a VFW Ralley tour through Arizona. We started out at the American Legion in Fountain Hills, then to the VFW in east Mesa, The American Legion in Florence, VFW in Casa Grande, and last for a huge party and welcome home for some Iraqi vet's at the VFW Post in downtown Mesa! But the Damn speedo broke half the way through! Kinda fun driving around with it easily over 120+ when I'm only going about 45mph! Well it's taking the dealer here about a week to order a new one. except going 96mph into my garage door
  15. jchitwo

    My little secret mod

    Props' man..... those look awesome! good choice.