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  1. Reviving an old thread, what is the New 160 thermostat PN to fit this pump as I just replaced my WP with the 251-743 and can't find the cross ref 160 stat
  2. yeah I don't get on forums much anymore and I put maybe 2k miles a year on the SS these days so just not much surfing needed for answers!
  3. After 11yrs of ownership the cladding on the pass door finally lost its adhesive and when my girl opened it getting out it folded the cladding back and broke a piece off. Looking for Onyx Black factory if possible. Would also take a drivers side as well if you have both but the passenger side is most important as of now. Located in AZ so please let me know what you have and price shipped to 85224. Thanks,
  4. Is the culprit the actual display or a resistor at the fan cause I recall a bulletin for the fan resistor when I was searching for an answer. Thanks Sent from my VS980 4G using Tapatalk
  5. Been quite some time hitting the boards but figured if anyone can help me it's here. My truck whereabouts 1000 miles a year now so it's been sitting quite some time. Recently after sitting for a while my HVAC is all jacked up. First thing I noticed was my fan speeds weren't responding to the proper setting and it would stay on low speed then eventually jump to the proper speed after about 15min of driving. Second issue is the dials jump all over the place when turning them for temp adjustment. They will not just go up or down, they increase 1 or 2 degrees then decrease by 4 or 5 and so
  6. Found a new issue so if anyone knows these alarms please chime in! I have the arm/disarm working correctly ( found a bad ground and a wire disconnected), I can't for the life of me figure out how to make it so the R.A.P doesn't active when unlocking but now the driver side door does not lock when arming. I have to manually lock it. The pass side is fine and all doors will unlock when disarming so driver side door=no lock by key fob or window switch, Pass door works fines and all doors will unlock with key fob or window switch
  7. was that cop on the right side in the beginning? Sick bike either way
  8. Ok made a little bit of headway but looks like I will be most likely unhooking the system and re-doing it to see what is going on. The actual model is a Viper 791xv which uses the 479v remote. I got the car to beep during arming and dis arming, however it seems after a few locks and unlocks it goes silent again and its hit or miss whether I can go back into the setting and make it work. Looks like its coming out for now till I can figure out what is going on. If anyone has anymore input on this system and my issues listed please let me know in case it can make things easier.
  9. It seems a lot of this stuff can be done through the remote however i can't find a good manual on the 479v. I also forgot then when arming or disarming the key fob beeps while the vehicle doesn't so i need to find a manual
  10. Yeah its been quite a while since I have been around, I drop by from time to time but just have so much other BS going on I have lost the path of hitting forums up as much. The new look of this place is interesting
  11. Picked up a new toy recently (96 t/a) which has a viper 479 alarm with remote start added. I didn't realize this till recently but it seems there is a connection issue somewhere that is tapped into the wrong wire. When arming the car it works like it should however there are no quick flashing of the parking lights, not a big issue but every alarm I have ever had always did that. Second issue is when dis-arming it, it seems like it almost engages the key to the on position as if I were going to start it and in doing this it turns on my head unit in the car. it shuts off once I open the door
  12. I wake up at 5am every morning, have a little bit of water before I leave the house then when i get to work I make a thing of gatorade and throw it in the freezer for an hour and a half. By that time I am running low on energy and the gatorade is nice and slushy so I drink that over the next hour then good to go rest of the day with just water whenever needed.
  13. I saw this listed and considered it myself to buy it and part it out but i just didn't have the time. If the tail lights are in good shape and you want to get rid of them let me know. I need to re-do mine because the overspray got inside the lenses and mine are shot from the dbag who sprayed em.
  14. I have a whole set-up i need to sell but shipping would prob be a PITA. I have a tekonsha prodigy(sp?) brake controller with plug and play harness +mount and full weight distribution set-up with anti sway. PM me if interested.. I avg about 11mpg pulling 2500 miles. It really dipped when I got more west and was pulling the hills at 80mph +.
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