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  1. Is it the whipple kit that sits off to the side of the intake manifold?
  2. I've got one and I can ship via freight. Shoot me your zipcode and I'll shoot you prices.
  3. I've got a couple of the other touch screens with some button wear on them that I could go a bit cheaper on. Let me know
  4. I'll post up some pictures of the mounts in a little bit. Should be able to tell. I've seen people swap them in before, but I did a search and wasn't able to turn up any pictures/instructions.
  5. Let me know. Did you want the entire headliner wiring? The console/visor wiring doesn't really separate from it. $50 shipped for the entire harness.
  6. $390 shipped. It looks brand new, practically no wear. I have sun visors that match the SS, lighted with the pull out extension, $50 for a pair. Those should bolt right in. I should also have the dual shade sunvisors in the same color as the SS as well for $80. I believe these bolt in but i think the hole in the headliner has to be opened up for these, but I'm not 100% sure.
  7. I have more sun visors. Did you want the dual shade style? Are you looking for the light color to match a Silverado SS headliner? Let me know
  8. I've parted out a couple of trucks here, but thought I would post this as well since I know a bunch of you guys have GM SUVs as well and many of the parts swap over to the trucks as well. If you don't see something listed, or need it in a different color, let me know as I have several Escalade and Yukon Denalis I can get parts from. I'm parting out my 2005 Cadillac Escalade Pearl White with about 155,000 miles. It sustained some heavy roof damage and is going to cost to much to have repaired so I'm parting it out instead. Most everything is in great condition for the mileage. I've got pictures below, or if you want something specific, just ask and I'll post it. Everything on the vehicle is available. I can ship parts out via USPS, UPS or freight. If you need a shipping quote, send me your zip code. Parts are also available for pickup in Ray, MI 48096 (about 45 min north of Detroit). I'll price out most of the major parts, shoot me a pm for pricing on anything else that you need. All prices do not include s/h. PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THE ENTIRE POST IN CASE I MAKE CHANGES/ADD/DELETE ETC Exterior Parts: Front Clip Assembly (Hood, Bumper, Grille, Headlights, Radiator, Condenser etc): $2200 or $2275 with a hood with no damage Front Doors (include glass and window motor and wiring, no cladding or door panel): $150 each Rear Doors (include glass and window motor and wiring, no cladding or door panel): $125 each Rear Bumper Cover: $200 3rd Tail Light Moulding/Cladding: $150 3rd Brake Light: $285 Tail Lamps: $135 each Appliques/Vents on D Pillar: $165/pair Roof Rack (from another Escalade): $350 Wheels with tires: $600 Front Door Cladding/Molding: $250 each Rear Door Cladding/Moulding: $200 each Rear Quarter Cladding/Moulding: $250 each Wipers, pair: $15 Wiper Motor: $20 Rear Wiper Motor: $60 Side View Mirrors: $225 /each Jack Kit: $95 Running Boards, pair: $400 Interior Parts: Front Door Panels: $150/each Rear Door Panels: $125 each Front Seats: $800 for pair, will not split unless there is a buyer for both Rear Seats, bench: $350 (only fits short wheel base Escalade, Yukon Tahoe) Third row seats, split: $395 (only fits short wheel base Escalade, Yukon, Tahoe) Third Row Seats brackets/bolts: $125 Radio/Cluster Bezel: $200 Cluster: $315 Driver's Window Switch: $80 Passenger Window Switch: $30 Drivers heated seat switch: $65 Passenger heated seat switch: $20 Glove box with trim: $100 Driver's Knee Bolster: $20 HVAC/Temp Controls: $75 Overhead Console (Sunroof switch & HVAC controls): $70 A-Pillars, pair: $65 Steering Wheel: $140 Steering Wheel Air Bag: $100 Passenger Air Bag: $25 Onstar Rear View Mirror: $45 Overhead DVD Player/Screen OEM (fits sunroof cars only): $220 Rear Window Switch: $30 each Clockspring: $150 Steering Column, bare: $50 Wiper Stalk: $25 Shifter Handle: $75 Interior Dash Harness: $275 Power Seat Harness: $125 Center Console Cup Holder Assembly: $185 Center Console Upper Trim/Bezel with Clock: $110 Center Console Arm Rest: $130 6 Disc CD Changer: $175 Bose Premium Amp: $250 Center Console Harness/Wiring: $125 BCM: $45 Dash Handle/Grab Bar: $40 Front door Bose speakers: $50 each Rear Door Bose speakers: $25 each Sun Visors, dual flip shade: $80 Headlight Switch: $35 Stabiltrak Switch: $10 Rear Parking Assist Switch: $10 Rear Wiper/Fog Light Switch: $15 Drivetrain: Rear End: $150 Front Axle: $500 Transfer Case: $275 Rear Driveshaft: $75 Front Driveshaft: $30 LQ9 6.0L Dropout, includes wiring, accessories, PCM: $1600 4L65E AWD/4WD Transmission: $600 Fuel Pump: $70 PICTURES, CLICK HERE FOR MORE
  9. The tooling/broaches to do the splines would be thousands of dollars, plus quite a bit of machine work on the rest of it. I had it quoted at several places and there isn't anywhere near the volume to get the prices down reasonable per gear.
  10. Since I can't produce these in any sort of quantity any more, the pricing fluctuates according to demand with my machinist and availability of any gears that I can find/buy. I used to have quite a few done at a time, but now they're all basically one offs and the machinist has to charge for setup for each gear now instead of spreading the cost across a bunch of gears. Currently I can only get new gears from the manufacturer, all my sources for cores have dried up.
  11. If you don't mind the driver side cat being cut so I can ship it, I have a set of them.
  12. I have quite a few of these....shooting you a PM
  13. I don't know of anyone selling used ones, but I'm the guy that makes them. Let me know if you're interested in getting one and I can send prices.
  14. Then why is he coming by to pick up mine later this week?
  15. If you're still looking, I have one as well. I'm in SE Michigan.
  16. I checked my PMs and didn't see anything. I sent you a PM with pricing.
  17. I don't keep them on the shelf anymore, there isn't enough demand for these. I can still modify the gears though, you either need to send me a gear or I can buy a brand new gear and have it modified. PM me for pricing if you're interested.
  18. Just saw this thread. Thanks for the recommendations! Definitely don't buy the PATC kit. It uses a smaller diameter output shaft (one of the main reasons to go to a 4L80E is the bigger output shaft). I have heard of several guys breaking them with just moderate power. I've had guys put over 1,600 hp thru my gear and I haven't had a SINGLE failure.
  19. It will fit any truck with cathedral ports which our 6.0L LQ9s have.
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