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  1. Pretty sure you can do this yourself with HPTuners now. I don't think emailing them the files is required anymore. You still need a harness with the segment swap. The 4L60E and 4L80E connectors on the transmission are pinned differently so you need to modify the harness to match. You can either by the conversion harness or repin a few connectors. Real easy to repin, took me about 10 minutes on my harness.
  2. Sorry, didn't realize this thread was still active. If anyone needs one, just shoot me a PM and I can send all the details/pricing. Turn around on a gear is usually about 1 week once I receive it. I can also provide new gears too if necessary. I resubscribed too so I should get notified of new posts here....not sure why I stopped receiving emails.
  3. Sent you more info with pricing/pics and my phone.
  4. I've got a bunch of them. $20 shipped, let me know
  5. Just as wwd-mbtch said, they are adapting the output shaft down to a 60e size shaft. Unfortunately, the output shaft is the weak point. I've had quite a few people call me to order my gear because they broke their PATC shaft. I haven't heard of a SINGLE failure with my gear and I know of guys running 1600hp thru them. Been making them for 6 or 7 years now and 100% success record. I don't typically keep these in stock anymore since the demand has really dropped off, but it only takes about a week to get one made if you need it. I make the tru-cool install brackets/kits as well.
  6. I've got six of them. $50 + shipping They specific to the 03-06 SS and 03-05 Sierra Denali, nothing else will swap in. They are no programmed to VIN, just swap in a compatible module and you're good to go.
  7. Do you ever travel to the east side of the state? I'd be interested in it.
  8. I can still have these made, I just don't keep them instock for immediate shipping anymore.
  9. I'm the guy that makes the input shafts for the t-case. I've had guys running over 1600hp thru these, and have NEVER had a single failure. Ask around about turning down the output shaft, you'll find several failures pretty quickly with much less HP.
  10. I've got a pair of mirrors. Power, folding, heated, auto dimming, puddle lamp etc. $425 shipped for a pair.
  11. All depends on the shop and how much power you want to support. I've paid over $1200 for a single driveshaft before. Always open to offers. I see you're in Alaska, so shipping might be expensive. I would need your zipcode to check.
  12. I've got a rocker bracket for the cladding. If you buy a rocker and it doesn't have the bracket, shoot me a PM and we can work something out.
  13. I've had these wheels for several years now, but only ran them for about two summers. Sold my GM trucks awhile back and have been hanging onto them expecting that I would buy another truck but I haven't yet. It time for me to finally let these go. These are forged Titanium Silver Motoforge Sportruck 06 22" x 10" Wheels. The wheels are incredibly light. They were coming up at 29.5 lbs on my scale as pictured. The tires are General Grabber UHP 305/40/R22. The tires have between 7/32 and 8/32 of tread left so there is still plenty of life left in the tires. One wheel has a couple of chips in the paint right on the lip of the wheel. No idea how that happened, just noticed it as I was taking pictures. Otherwise the wheels are in great condition. The offset on these wheels is perfect. The tire sits flush right with the fender. The lip on these wheels is a bit over 2.5" as well. I'm also included a fifth, brand new spare wheel as pictured. The wheel has never had a tire mounted on it. $2,900 + shipping. PM with zipcode for shipping. These are going to ship by freight, so I will quote freight to a business with a forklift or terminal pick up. If you need a quote to a residence or liftgate, then please ask when you send me your zipcode. Here's a couple pics of them mounted on different trucks
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