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  1. Looks like we toasted the pump in the trans. Picking up a new trans tomorrow and then having the pump rebuilt in the current trans. Once I save up for a bigger torque converter, I'll swap the trans with the shift kit back in.
  2. Another update...still doesnt work. We unbolted the torque converter, and its just free spinning on the input shaft. After turning it back and forth, we got it to fall in to the trans some more, and now its locked to the input shaft and not free spinning like it was. We're going to bolt it back to the flexplate now and see what happens.
  3. We just got the pan off, the boost valve was definately in all the way, and the shift link was connected. We pulled out the boost valve and all the parts are there and look to be in excellent shape. Nothing in the bottom of the trans pan either. We're going to put it back together and give it another try. Only thing we can come up with is that the pump on the coverter may be bad.
  4. I was just thinking maybe the interal linkage fell off for some odd reason without me noticing. I'll have to check if it goes into neutral. I pretty sure it does. Is the boost valve in all the way if the snap ring is installed, or do I still need to push it up farther.
  5. Is it also possible that we didn't hook up the linkage behind the gear selector?
  6. We already have the clip on it...so shouldnt it be in far enough? We did have to hold it down to be able put the clip back on.
  7. Should we just pust it in, or should we find something to 'tap' it in with?
  8. I don't have the directions or parts explosion in front of me, but the Boost valve went in the pump, and was the Sonas part correct? If memory serves me correct, isn't that held in by a snap ring? Do I just need to push it in further or is there more to it? Thanks for the advice, can't wait to see how the shift kit performs!
  9. I've talked to Kurt at W2W a couple of times about the adaptor and getting them made. They have ZERO interest in making them. The adaptor in Kurts truck was a prototype gear from NVG. Only way to get this gear made is to find a machine shop that can make it.
  10. I have a '98 Sierra 4WD 1500 and I just finished swapping in a 2005 LS2 and 4L65E and new transfer case along with a 4.2L Trailblazer Torque Converter. Before I installed the trans (trans had 7 miles on it when I installed it), I installed a Zippy Performance shift kit along with 2nd and 4th gear billet servos. Everything seemed fine during the install of the shift kit except for the servos. According to the instructions, there should be no spring between 2 and 4th gear pistons if using both billet servos. With no spring, the pistons are free to slide on the pin quite a bit, didnt seem quite right, but thats what the instructions showed. Today, we finished up the swap, and went to drive the truck, and it will not go into gear. I can pull it into R, D, 1, 2, 3 etc but nothing happens. I have no idea where to even begin looking. Nothing happens at all moving the shift lever between gears. I have HPTuners, and the TCC slip RPM matches the engine RPM, so I assume the converter is getting fluid pumped through it. The trans temp had also reached about 90* after several minutes of playing around with it. Is there anything I should check in the trans that I could of missed during the install of the shift kit? I would imagine even if we screwed something up, it would still at least go into first gear or something and move. Any ideas on where to look or things to try would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I have a hood and grille. The hood needs to be repainted, but other than that its in good shape. I can get pics if you want. Shoot me your zipcode and I'll figure out shipping charges and we can work out a price for both.
  12. Cutouts like this? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Are those cutouts billet aluminum of stainless steel? I plan on making a set once my truck is finished. Any problems keeping them clean?
  13. I also have a black one, two in fact. One has a small hole in the cover that can easily be fixed, or I have another one in good condtion. Where are you located?
  14. I'm so in on this...been looking for a used one forever and could never make a deal happen. Almost paid $350 a couple weeks ago for a broken one with a hitch You should have another paid order via paypal in a couple minutes!
  15. Do you still have these for sale?
  16. Sent you a PM. Please let me know ASAP
  17. Check out this guys page: http://members.aol.com/BHowe79/02Silverado/Index.htm He did a 6 speed swap just like you want to.
  18. I'm also located in MI and need a replacement hood since mine is quite messed up. How much would you want for the hood if I pick it up? Thanks Tim
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