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  1. I have a complete LQ9 dropout with accessories, wiring, pcm, and transmission for $2500. It has 29,000 miles on it. It was pulled out of a 2003 Silverado SS. Motor ran great when it was pulled. Let me know Tim
  2. As long as it is a new body style truck, then yes, it will drop right in.
  3. Trying sell the whole set for $25. Let me know
  4. Ray, MI 48096 - About 45 min north of Detroit.
  5. I have a full set of Silverado SS leather seats. Both front seats are full power. The seats are in good condition except for the driver side armrest that has started to crack and the lumbar adjustments on both seats are extremely finicky. The rest of the leather is still in good condition. Not sure what is wrong with the lumbar as sometimes it will work just fine then sometimes it won't work at all. These seats were removed from a truck with a prior flood title from engine damage. Not sure if that has anything to function lumbar. The rest of the power seat functions work fine with no problems. The rear seat is in excellent condition. I have one extra seat back frame with the lumbar motors on it that I will include from another set of seats that I parted out. $300 + s/h or local pickup. If anyone wants to arrange their own shipping, freight class is 150 and the weight will be 300lbs with a pallet. Located in Ray, MI 48096.
  6. I do not see any PMs from you. What did you need? Responded to your PM.
  7. Just like the title states, I have a front Silverado SS bumper for $80. The passenger corner of the bumper has some damage that will need to be repaired. I do not have the bumper ducts. It's from a 2005 Silverado SS. Pictures are below.
  8. I 100% completely agree with you about staying far far away from Yank converters. Out of all the converters I have installed by Yank, only one is still running properly.
  9. I have 4 sets of these, they have all been flossed off of trucks that I have had. $25 each or $40 for two sets
  10. I've been selling these for quite awhile, but I don't think anyone really knows about them. Chuck at FLT has been using them for a few years with excellent success. We have had them in several 800hp+ Silverados and Escalades that have swapped to a 4L80E with the NVG-149 Transfer case. Not a single one has failed yet unlike the turned down output shafts for the 4L80E. This swap is very easy to to do. You just need to take apart the stock transfer case, pull the input gear out, and put this new input gear in. Takes about 30 min to 60 min depending on your skill level. Please PM me for pricing/availability UPDATE 4/18/2018 I still make these. I don't always respond to this thread because the board doesn't always email me when there is a new post. Just send me a PM and I will get back to you shortly.
  11. I have a set of factory LS2 heads off of a 2007 Trailblazer SS with 20,246 miles. They are in excellent condition. The heads were pulled for a head/cam swap. Asking $525 + s/h. I also have the LS2 Cam, pushrods, and lifters from the same motor.
  12. Not all SS trucks had steering wheel controls. To swap, you need the steering wheel with controls and also the clockspring that is located in the column right underneath the steering wheel. It's not a difficult swap.
  13. I still have it. I'll be marking everything as sold in the main post as items sell.I believe I have responded to everyone via PM. If you did not get a response to a question yet, please send me a PM and I will respond ASAP!
  14. Complete stock console, looks just like this: Center Console I'll try and get pictures of the actual console up today. It's in excellent condition.
  15. For the complete front bumper assembly, including the cover, grilles, brackets, and metal bumper would be $375 + s/h
  16. Sorry, keeping the brackets with the cladding. Also, I have an '03 engine from a different truck with 23,000 miles on it. Looking for $2200. It is a complete dropout with wiring, PCM, alternator, powersteering, waterpump, crank pulley etc. Basically a drop in motor. The motor in this truck I'm parting out is not for sale.
  17. I have a complete cladding set, in black for $1200+ s/h. Includes all the body pieces, rockers, mounts & hardware. I also have front and rear bumpers. Let me know
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