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  1. Keeping the grill with the front clip.
  2. I still have the rearend. It has 4.10 gears.
  3. I have a front door and rear door bracket for $20 + s/h.
  4. I have a SS cluster with 5XX (yes 500 miles) for $225 + s/h.
  5. I have several stock exhausts. For a complete exhaust, $125. I also have a couple that are slightly bent for $75. I can either ship via freight, or I can cut the exhaust down and ship it via UPS. Let me know
  6. I have a couple of the cladding brackets to install this for whoever purchases.
  7. The front bumper and front grille are staying with the complete front clip.
  8. Sent you a PM. I do have the full exhaust. Sorry, sold the cladding over the weekend. Front bumper is staying with the front clip.
  9. EFI Live has a bit more of a learning curve, but I feel it is a bit more powerful also, especially if you get into heavy tuning where you are doing engine swaps into different vehicles. HP Tuners is a bit more user friendly, still extremely powerful, and will fit 99% of most user's needs. HP Tuners is also by far the cheaper option to own and tune with.
  10. Do you know how much power you are making? I like to keep a tab on the builds that these have been used in.
  11. The motor is still available. The TAC module and pedal have been sold though. Let me know
  12. I have the SS badges off each door. I'm keeping the cladding together as a kit.
  13. The AWD case has a completely different input gear as the 4wd cases. You can swap in a factory gear from a 4wd transfer case from a 2500 heavy duty truck to a 4wd transfer case in the 1500s to swap it to a 4L80E. The only option to mate the AWD NVG-149 to a 4L80E is to either turn down the input shaft on the 4L80E which I have seen many of them fail, or to purchase our input gear. I have not had a single failure with the gear I sell.
  14. I just received another order of fittings/hardware. I have quite a few sets available for anyone interested.
  15. For anyone looking for install brackets and all the hardware to make this transmission cooler a bolt on install, I have them here: http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.ph...mp;#entry657973
  16. I just received another order of fittings/hardware. I have quite a few sets available for anyone interested.
  17. Sorry, keeping them with the seats. Sent PMs to everyone else.
  18. I ordered the fitting from a replacement parts company specifically to fit the transmission lines on these truck. I've had one installed for most of the summer now and it has been absolutely leak free. To the top!
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