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  1. I have the whole taillight harness for $20 shipped. Just let me know if its the passenger or driver side.
  2. I have a low compression 408 that I was going to turbo charge but the build ended up falling apart. I still have the 408 short block, but it would need heads. I have a street cam in it right now (instead of a FI cam). Let me know if you are interested and I can get some more details together.
  3. I still have mine. I have verified that I can easily ship it via UPS if you want.
  4. I have a stock, uncut exhaust for $125. I can ship it also if needed. PM your zipcode and I'll get you a shipping quote. I'm in Ray, MI 48096, about 45 min north of Detroit if you want to drive that far to pick it up.
  5. You could not be more wrong. The miles are stored in the cluster. If you swap to a different cluster, your miles WILL change to whatever was on the cluster you switched too.
  6. The fourth wheel broke completely off from the hub in the accident. I have it, but it is by no means repairable.
  7. The brakes will include the rotors and the Baer brackets.
  8. Pics of the door panels, wheels, and shifter are now up.
  9. The truck is a stick I do not have the caliper covers Pics of the door panels will be up tomorrow. Pics of the wheels will be up tomorrow as well. Sent you a PM also.
  10. I have a 2004 Regency Silverado RST that was hit in the front so I have the following 2004 Silverado Regency RST parts available for sale. Part prices do not include shipping. I also do not take ‘dibs’ on any parts. Whoever can pay for the item will get the item. I am also parting out the rest of the truck but I will start a new thread for that when the truck is completely taken apart and I have pictures of all the parts. If you need a shipping/freight quote, please shoot me a PM and state if it is a commercial or residential address. Pictures – I am still missing a couple of the RST specific items, I should have those pictures up tomorrow. Seats – Driver side has a small split on the bottom part of the seat. Includes driver, passenger, and jump seat. These will also work with a center console if you do not want to use the jump seat. SOLD RST Roll Pan and Exhaust Tips and flip down license plate – The roll pan is not perfectly straight as it looks like some twisted the flip down license plate side to side improperly. It is hard to see the waves in the roll pan unless it catches a reflection. Includes mounting brackets. This roll pan is not welded on, it is a complete bolt on installation. A hidden hitch will work with this roll pan and fit right behind the flip down license plate. I can cut the tips off the tail pipes to save money on shipping or I can leave them intact if you want to use them. SOLD RST Spoiler – The black stripes are just vinyl and can be peeled off. Same with the Regency logo. 3M Doubled Sided tape is used to attach the spoiler. No bolts are used/required. SOLD RST Steering Wheel – The RST steering wheel has been wrapped in black leather with red stitching. SOLD RST Dash Grab Handle – Same as the steering wheel, it has been wrapped in black leather with red stitching. SOLD RST Carbon Fiber Dash Surround – It is not real carbon fiber, it has been smoothed and has had a carbon fiber weave pattern painted on. This is not a cheap stick on overlay to achieve the carbon fiber effect. It has been professionally painted/applied and looks extremely high quality. SOLD RST Carbon Fiber Window Switches – Same as above. Very professional looking. Includes the switches and surrounds. SOLD RST Leather Door Panels – These door panels have had a new insert added that has been wrapped in blacked leather. SOLD RST Shifter & Shift Knob & Shift Boot - SOLD RST Carpet – Black Carpet with a red foot pad for the driver’s side. Fits a Regular cab pickup. I only vacuumed the carpet, I did not attempt to clean it any further than that. SOLD RST Cluster/Speedometer – Currently displaying 101,947 miles. Has a stainless steel gauge face and red gauges/lights. SOLD RST Front Grille Inserts – Steel grilles to replace the plastic grill inserts on the front grille assembly. Includes mounting brackets and hardware. $50 RST Foose Speedster Wheels – SOLD RST Pedal Covers - Includes gas, brake and parking brake covers. SOLD GroundForce Lowering Kit SOLD Rear Baer Brakes SOLD I also have the Ground Force lowering springs and shackles along with the Baer Eradispeed front and rear brakes although they are not off the truck yet. They should be off in a couple of days.
  11. I have a set of sun visors but they are the neutral color that matches the headliner that came in the SS trucks.
  12. The only problem I had with disconnecting the vac pump is that it throws an error on the dash. It can be easily fixed by putting a resistor between two wires in the connector. Never had any problems with the DBW.
  13. I grabbed a hydroboost booster from a Cadillac Escalade, used my stock Master Cylinder, went to Advance Auto and got the hydroboost power steering pressure hoses for about $50, brake pedal, ran a soft return line with 3/8 transmission hose, and installed a hydroboost powersteering pump. Overall, a very easy swap. Instead of drilling a new hole in my firewall, I made a new mounting plate to move the stud to the stock location.
  14. You can run a 14" rotor, but the pad hangs over by about 1/2" Some people run them just fine, but that's up to you.
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