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  1. Is the install somehow interfering with your latch? I have tons of clearance around my latches. I've sold quite a few of these as well and nobody else has had a single complaint.
  2. Just got another shipment of gears in. Have quite a few sitting on the shelf!
  3. These brackets are to bolt a Tru-Cool Max 4739 Transmission cooler to a 1500 Silverado. It uses all the factory bolt locations so no drilling is required. These brackets are made out of 1/8" Aluminum. The driver side transmission line did not need any modification other than being pulled over a couple of inches. The passenger transmission line has to be cut and spun about 180*. This is done by cutting the line, spinning it 180* and using a standard compression fitting to put it back together. My transmission temps are about 160* with a Yank TT3000 (stalling at 3600rpm behind a 408) in 70*~80* weather. I've been running this exact setup for over a year now with no problems. These are ready to ship. $60 shipped for just the brackets. $75 shipped for the brackets and all necessary hardware to install the brackets. Includes quick disconnect fittings for the cooler, compression fitting, bolts, and nuts. You get everything as pictured except for the temp sensor. That is just to show that there is a spot for the temp sensor to snap into.
  4. To the top. Still have quite a few of these available for immediate shipping!
  5. I have a stock tip for $50 shipped. Let me know
  6. I've got a set that looks brand new. $30 shipped
  7. I have a few body control modules. All from Silverado SS trucks. $35 shipped Let me know Tim
  8. I have a front door and a rear door cladding bracket if you need those. Let me know
  9. I've got three brand new Silverado SS grilles available. They are replacement aftermarket grilles but look just like the factory grille. All they need is paint. The grille mesh looks like the correct color, only the center bar and surround need to be painted. The grilles come with a new set of metal push clips for mounting as well. $195 + s/h
  10. Interested in a Silverado SS with 30,000 miles, a 414ci motor, headers, AWD, etc?
  11. I've got a black SS stock spoiler. $100 + s/h
  12. I've got a Gaylord X-2000 Speedsturr hard tonneau cover for sale. The paint will need a good buff/polish/wax but I think it would look pretty close to new with a good buffing. There are some small stone chips and scratches on the cover, but overall I think it can be bolted on and used without new paint. It has the platinum X-2000 hinges that are completely bolt on with no drilling required. The hinges are also assisted to make lifting of the tonneau almost effortless. It has dual key locks, but I'm missing the keys and one of the locks is damaged as well. You can order a new lock set from Gaylord. There is also some slight spidercracks in the paint around one of the lock holes. It does have the carpet on the inside along with the light and nylon pull strap. Asking $695. Will not ship, must be local pick up. Located in Ray, MI 48096, about 45 min north of Detroit.
  13. If you're looking for something modded I've got a black '03 SS with a 414c.i. motor, 1 7/8 Headers, True Dual 3" Exhaust, lowered 2"/3", factory e-fans. It put down 496rwhp on a Mustang Dyno. Dyno Graph
  14. I have the rear view mirror, but no compass or temp display.
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