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  1. Many threads clutter the forum and bump everyone else's posts down resulting in more 'bump/to the top' posts. There's a reason why every other forum is strict on each seller having one thread.
  2. to the top! Just uploaded a bunch more pics as well.
  3. The GM name for the interior is Very Dark Pewter. It's a dark grey color. It's the same color in the all the SS trucks.
  4. Mine is still available: http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/68082-2003-silverado-ss-black-500hp-414ci-37000-miles-19000/
  5. The price of the center console includes the glove box surround trim, the console, the mounting bracket on the dash to console, and the hvac vent adapter that goes between the console and the HVAC unit. The console should fit '99 to '07 Classic trucks.
  6. Everybody that paid today has had their parts shipped out. Let me know if you didn't receive your tracking number!
  7. The passenger side mount broke off between the headlights. It is also cracked on the main bar where the top and bottom join together on the passenger side as well. This is why I'm selling the grilles out of it and not the whole assembly.
  8. Sorry guys, this is the first time I got to sit down at the computer since I posted this. I'm going through PMs in the order that I received them. If I don't answer you tonight, I will answer first thing in the morning when I get up.
  9. 2003 Silverado SS Part Out All prices are plus shipping unless otherwise noted, PM me for pictures, shipping quotes, or other questions. All parts were removed from a 2003 Victory Red Silverado SS with 131,267 Miles If you do not see a part listed, please ask as I likely have it since I’m parting the entire truck out. I do not take ‘dibs.’ The first person who sends payment will get the part. I’m just starting to take this truck apart. Right now, general pictures are up, but in the next couple of days, I will have pictures of every individual part off the truck. I should be able to ship just about any part within 24 hours of payment. I'm located in Ray, MI 48096 Pictures can be found here: http://www.brooksidestorage.net/1041/ Drivetrain/Underhood LQ9 Dropout with wiring/accessories - SOLD 4L65E Transmission - SOLD NVG149 Transfer Case - SOLD Rear Driveshaft - $150 Front Driveshaft - SOLD CV Axles - $35 each Rear Axle - $400 Front Axle - $500 3 Piece Engine Covers - SOLD Exterior Headlight, drivers upper, SOLD Headlight, drivers lower, SOLD Front grille inserts, SOLD Bumper grille center insert, SOLD Left bumper scoop/grille, mounting tabs are split but still functional - SOLD Complete set of front bumper brackets - SOLD A/C Line, condenser to evap - $20 Antenna base - $10 Antenna - $10 Headlight brackets, drivers - $15 Front License plate bracket - SOLD Airbox $40 K&N Air Filter - $15 Fan Shroud - SOLD Fuse Panel Cover - SOLD Washer fluid bottle - SOLD Radiator Overflow bottle - $25 Radiator Shroud - $50 Radiator - $75 A/C Condenser - $45 Fender, drivers, 2 small stone chips - SOLD Side View Mirror, drivers - $300 each Front Door, drivers, - $300 Rear Doors, no damage on drivers, light scratch on passenger - $200 each Third Brake Light - $25 Taillight, drivers - SOLD Taillight, passenger, light scratch - SOLD Cab with windshield, bare - $300 Pickup box, 1 CC dent by taillight - SOLD Tailgate, no spoiler - SOLD Factory SS Wheel, no damage - SOLD Factory SS Wheel, very light curb rash SOLD SS Badges - SOLD Wiper Arms - $10 Wiper Motor - $15 Taillight Harness - $25 License Plate Lights Harness - $10 Frame Wiring Harness - $100 Rear Bumper, scuffed on passenger & driver corners, paint dmg above hitch - SOLD Door handle, passenger - $25 Wiper stalk/Cruise Stalk - SOLD Shifter with Tow/Haul button - $20 Key Fob - $15 Cladding – All cladding includes brackets unless specified Front fender, drivers - SOLD Front fender, passengers - SOLD Front door, drivers, leading edge damage - $125 Ext Cab Door, drivers - SOLD Ext Cab Door, passengers, light scratch, probably buff out - $140 Cab corner, drivers - SOLD Cab corner, passenger - SOLD Bed, before wheel, drivers - $140 Bed, before wheel, passenger - $140 Bed, after wheel, drivers - SOLD Bed, after wheel, passengers, scratches near bumper - SOLD Rocker, drivers - SOLD Rocker, passenger, cracked in the front - $75 Tailgate cladding strip - SOLD Interior Seats, driver side bolster is cracked, fronts and rears, all functions work - $650 Center Console w/sub conversion, includes glovebox trim - SOLD Overhead console - SOLD Passenger Airbag - $50 Driver Airbag - SOLD Airbag module - SOLD Digital HVAC Controls - SOLD Headlight Switch - $15 Steering wheel w/controls - SOLD Interior side view mirror cover, drivers only - $10 Gas Pedal & TAC Module - $130 Dash Grab Bar - SOLD Cargo Lamp Switch - $10 Bose Speakers, front -SOLD Bose Speakers, rear - SOLD SS Dash Badge - SOLD Front Door Panels - SOLD Rear Door Panels - $35 each C Pillars - $20 each A-Pillar, passenger - $25 A-Pillar, driver - SOLD Kick Panels, each - $10 Door Sills, each - $10 Heated Seat Switches - SOLD Window Switches with surround (Driver) - SOLD Window Switches with surround (passenger) - SOLD Clockspring, steering wheel controls capable - SOLD Sun Visors - $30 each Carpet - $40 Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Airbag Switch - $10 Rearview mirror (comp/temp only) - SOLD Steering Column - $80 Steering Column trim cover - $20 Dash Vents - $10 each (passenger vents sold) Dash Panel - $125 Dash framework - $100 Dash/Cluster Surround - SOLD Underdash/knee bolster panel - $20 Cluster - SOLD Radio, 6 disc - SOLD Dash/Cab wiring - $150 Power seat harness (adds all the necessary wiring to add power seats) - SOLD Brake Pedal - $10 Parking Brake Pedal - $10 Suspension/Brakes Spare Tire - $50 Spare tire hanger - $25 Front Calipers - $20 each Rear Calipers - $15 each Brake Master Cylinder - $15 Brake Booster - $25 ABS Module - $125 Front Lower Control Arm - $15 each Front Upper Control Arm - $10 each Spindles - $15 each Hubs - $20 each Leaf Springs - $25 each Torsion Bars -$15 each Torsion Keys - $25 Steering Box, pitman arm - $75 Bump Stops $25 Misc Fuel Tank - $50 Fuel Pump - $40 Exhaust, factory, can ship via UPS (cut in two spots) or freight in one piece – $150 EVAP Canistor - $30 Tow Hooks - $30 Hitch - $50 Jack Kit - SOLD
  10. Pictures here: http://www.eadperformance.com/silveradoss1/ I haven't had much luck with the floor shift transfer cases holding up. I only ran it so I could dyno and tune it.
  11. I have a set of cat pipes from an '03 Silverado SS. $150 + s/h
  12. I have decided to sell my Silverado SS as I do not drive it enough to justify keeping it. It's a 2003 Silverado SS. It has AWD, leather, steering wheel controls, digital climate controls, heated/memory seats. There is currently 37,xxx miles on the truck. The truck has a 414ci iron block motor. The 414ci engine and trans were installed at about 25,000 miles. Diamond 4.060" pistons, Manley H-Beam rods, Eagle Crank. Coated bearings and melling oil pump. It has ARP head studs as will as a line hone and ARP main studs as well. It has AFR heads that were ported by TEA. They were flowing over 340 at .600 lift. It also has a Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT Intake and matching fuel rails with an Aeromotive regulator. The truck did 496hp on a Mustang Dyno. The truck was dynoed in RWD. I swapped in a floor shift 4WD transfer case and locked it into RWD for the dyno. Cam specs: .635/.630 246/252 +4 112 lsa Mods: American Racing 1 7/8" headers with off road mid pipes APS Underdrive pulley 3" True duals with full mandrel bends exiting behind tire FLT Trans Yank 3200 Stall Factory E-Fans with factory wiring harness - Looks 100% factory 2" Drop Spindles in front 2" Shackles in rear Hydroboost Brake Conversion 14" Baer Eradispeeds 2 piece front rotors 14" Baer Eradispeeds rear rotors Stainless brake lines Everything else on the truck is stock. There are a couple of small stone chips in the front bumper. The front bumper has one small 2" x 2" swipe on it where someone just glazed the front bumper. Other than that, the truck is in excellent condition. Everything works just as it should and I have had no problems with the truck. The title is branded as rebuilt salvage. I bought the truck body from Schram Auto in Wateford, MI. They get most of GM's vehicles that can't be sold as new because of mechanical problems, bad paint, damage before delivery, etc etc. I bought the complete body as an assembly. The interior etc was never removed from the body. There was damage on the front fenders and hood from the truck being loaded on the car hauler which is why Schram received it. The front fenders were repaired and the hood was replaced with another OEM black hood. The frame and complete drivetrain was from a previous Silverado SS that I parted out. The frame and drivetrain had no problems. The frame is straight and there were no problems with the drivetrain (axles and transfer case since engine/trans have been replaced). Pictures Pictures in the shop were just taken today. The pictures outside are about 6 months old. Price: $19,000. I can arranged to have the truck shipped as well. I deal with carriers across the entire United States and can get the truck shipped to your door for a relatively low cost.
  13. Are they the same as an '03+ Truck? If so, I have tons of them, with and without bolts/washer. Let me know I can have them shipped on Monday either via USPS or UPS.
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