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  1. These can now be bought right from my website. The website reflects real time inventory as well: https://www.modernmusclesalvage.com/product/tru-cool-max-trans-cooler-4739-47391-install-kit-for-1999-2014-gm-suv-truck/
  2. I've got a gear on the shelf ready to go if someone needs one right away.
  3. For anyone that needs a shaft, I've got a couple on the shelf ready to go. Send me a PM for details.
  4. Didn't get a PM from you but just sent you one. I have a couple ready to ship.
  5. I only provide the shaft. You still need to modify the trans mount, repin your wiring harness or get an adapter, and 2 wires for the second speed sensor on the 4l80, and redo your driveshafts.
  6. Are you talking about the front axle or the transfer case behind the trans?
  7. See here: http://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/member-made-tools-parts-classifieds-197/tru-cool-max-trans-cooler-4739-47391-install-kit-brackets-fittings-hardware-508374/
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