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  1. Canada isn't a problem. Just a little bit extra for shipping.
  2. I've got a full set of SS bed cladding brackets. $40 shipped
  3. Are you still looking? I've got a couple brackets, I can check and see what I have.
  4. Just responding to this in case anyone else sees it. I still make the adapters, just shoot me a PM and we can get you set up.
  5. Yes, I'm still making them when anyone needs them. I just don't stock them on the shelf anymore. Just shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  6. I still have them. You would need to swap to a NVG149 case. If someone wants to send me an input gear from a TBSS case I can see what I can do with it.
  7. The 2004 Denali has the wrong transfer case. It has a BW transfer case. But.....the BW transfer case seriously blows. It's basically acting like an open diff and sends power to whatever wheel that wants to spin. When you start making enough power to spin in AWD, it really really starts to suck. Most guys will swap at the Silverado SS transfer case, the NVG149 or NP149 (same case, New Process bought New Venture Gear). I'd highly recommend swapping to the NVG149 case and running my input gear to mate it to the 4L80E. The NVG149 will split roughly 38% of the power to the front and 62% of the power to the rear, it acts like a posi differential and actually splits the power front to back and makes for a much better driving experience with big power.
  8. Will the rears fit a 2007-2014 Escalade? I've heard the fronts do but not sure on the rears.
  9. If you're stock or relatively stock, rebuild the 4L65E. You only want to go to a 4L80E if you are pushing big power. The first gear ratio is pretty bad in the 4L80e and will really bog your truck down if you don't have the power to get it moving.
  10. I still make these. Pretty sure I responded to everyone in the thread, if not let me know and I'll get you info ASAP.
  11. I'd put it on ebay. I got almost a $1000 for one with quite a bit of damage on it.
  12. I have one cut just like the one pictured above.
  13. The create a new account is what I'm talking about. I've had several people call me that wanted to purchase a 4L80E input adapter and they all said they cannot create accounts to send PMs because the reCAPTCHA is broken at the bottom of the page. I tried it myself and couldn't get past it either. I'm using Chrome for what it's worth. I attached a pic of the problem. When I searched google for a solution, a lot of people said you could enter random stuff or enter reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN and it would work but I get denied every time because it says the reCAPTCHA didn't match.
  14. If they really wanted money, they would fix the registration recaptcha so new users could actually sign up. Registration is broken and no new users coming.
  15. The recaptcha is broken on the registration page and prevents any new users from signing up.
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