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  1. Time2Kill

    BSER SS Rollpan for sale

    I'd put it on ebay. I got almost a $1000 for one with quite a bit of damage on it.
  2. Time2Kill

    WTB stock Silverado SS muffler

    I have one cut just like the one pictured above.
  3. Time2Kill

    Supporting Member

    The create a new account is what I'm talking about. I've had several people call me that wanted to purchase a 4L80E input adapter and they all said they cannot create accounts to send PMs because the reCAPTCHA is broken at the bottom of the page. I tried it myself and couldn't get past it either. I'm using Chrome for what it's worth. I attached a pic of the problem. When I searched google for a solution, a lot of people said you could enter random stuff or enter reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN and it would work but I get denied every time because it says the reCAPTCHA didn't match.
  4. Time2Kill

    Supporting Member

    If they really wanted money, they would fix the registration recaptcha so new users could actually sign up. Registration is broken and no new users coming.
  5. Time2Kill

    New users cannot join

    The recaptcha is broken on the registration page and prevents any new users from signing up.
  6. I still provide this service for anyone that is interested. I also have a couple shafts on the shelf ready for immediate shipping.
  7. Sent everyone PMs. Please send me a PM if you need something. I do NOT get email notifications to this thread and can't figure out why and I don't come on SSS.com very much anymore unless I get an email that I have a PM. These are still available as well. Send me a PM if you need pricing.