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  1. can reach you at extreme automatics? thanks

  2. Contact midwest transmission or transtar, one of those two should have it.
  3. For anyone that needs transfer case fluid, I've got quite a bit of the GM/ACdelco Auto Trak II. $18 shipped for 2 quarts via USPS Priority. $26 shipped for 3 quarts via USPS Priority. Contact me for pricing on higher quantities if needed.
  4. I would like to get one of these, what's the process for sending you my shaft and payment?


  5. Yes, bolts right up to a 6L80, have had quite a few people do the swap with the 6L80 now.
  6. Canada isn't a problem. Just a little bit extra for shipping.
  7. I am interested in the Transfer case adapter for the nv149 to 4L80 trans. Thank you.

  8. I've got a full set of SS bed cladding brackets. $40 shipped
  9. Are you still looking? I've got a couple brackets, I can check and see what I have.
  10. I am interested in the transfer case adapter.  I have an AWD 2005 Silverado ss I am doing a 4L80E swap in. 

  11. Do you still have the nv149 to adapt 4l80e? If so how much? 

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