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  1. Some more questions; after driving the SS about 5 miles or so I checked the hoses. It doesn't overheat as the gauge shows the temp. normal. The top radiator hose is hot and can be depressed. The lower radiator hose isn't hot to the touch and also can be depressed. Both the hose going to the throttle body is hot and hard and the hose going to the surge tank (near the top of the tank, not the puke hose) is hot and very firm when squeezed. Do you think I have air in the system? The level in the tank is good..... Thanks again
  2. I did it according to Mr P..... instructions which was close to the manual other than the bleeder screws. I saw the bubbles coming back to the tank, the temperature stayed at normal so it looks OK. Thanks for the replies and the insight..... Bob
  3. I just changed my water pump on my 04 Siverado SS. The service manual says to open the bleeder screws when adding the Dex Cool, then close them after the fill. Where are the "bleeders" . The instructions are different from the 03's, I'm wondering if I can just follow those instead. thanks Bob
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