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  1. Still got it ?? How about a silver center? Thanks LILREDGMC
  2. Looking to se if anyone has any chrome 20" OEM wheels. Located in Pittsburgh PA Thanks LILREDGMC
  3. Do you still have the wheels, if so, chrome or silver? Thanks LILREDGMC
  4. JaymzSS Thanks, when you say heavier royal purple - not familiar so I'll ask for brand and viscosity, synthentic I take it. Fireman31 Somewhere earlier I remember your comment about keeping both shafts intact. Obviously with a conventional 4wd you can check for u joints and balance etc. Thanks for the reminder. A video of the noise, sounds like an oxymoron LOL I may need some suggestions about that. Do you have any simple methods? Thanks CNE Since the dealer that we traded with so my local dealer got the sale offered a 100K warranty, I thought about that tact as well. We didn't quite get there, but that's also in my plan. Thanks for a beginning on the howl or growl. It did start out as a barely noticeable whining sound, and has become more noticeable with miles. Riding on the gate is going to happen again to listen on acceleration and deacceleration. The GMC dealer mechanics talked about rear diff lube changes and different additives thinking it may be a part of the locking diff portion. LILREDGMC
  5. GUYS OK So we've all been in a similar picnic with your local Goodwrench Dealer. 2004 SS now 13K, started with noise at 3300, misdiagnosed as a power steering pump, then at 6600, they started to tinker. Got the mechanic to do a drive with me and I demonstrated, after the service advisor heard nothing. They did a front diff bearing changeout, then when it still had noise went through the transfer case. The service advisor sheepishly said that it still makes noise when I picked it up. Drove it 350 miles to a job, and had the diff and Tcase seals replaced due to leaking. The mechanic there was good, but the dealer said he had no parts to go further and it would involve time and the rep to approve. He strongly suggested back to purchasing dealer. So, its been back to the dealer but they want the rep to review it all and sign off, but he seems to be seldom available, and always in Detriot. What I'm looking for is your response from what your truck does or doesn't. This one will howl or growl on throttle lift with a turn right or left, best noticed with slight downhill, like swinging into a parking stall, or doing a downhill right or left. Speed usually at 30 -10 or so. Also noticed some similar noises when sitting and riding on the tailgate both on throttle and off. Thinking it's in the rear but now I'm getting more of the run around from the dealer and some of his contacts have said this is normal. It was noticed at 3300 and has continued to get louder. I thought about a ride with either a front or rear driveshaft out to see if it appears to disappear with one or the other. Looking for any and all feedback to dump on the dealers lap when they say its a common noise. Thanks for any heads up about the truck. Guess I shoulda waited for a RWD, but that's hindsight. Thanks again. LILREDGMC
  6. Have a 2004 SS one owner garage kept Red with Bed Rug and Tonneau. Never in snow. 11K on odo. Might consider an offer. LILREDGMC
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