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  1. A complimentary intake and exhaust will allow you to get the most from a quality tune. Many people here run the Outlaw Power intakes with tunes.
  2. Here is the Outlaw Power vs Stock vs K&N (the plastic one). Outlaw Power developed their intake on 4 silveradoss.com members' trucks. Get a tune too.
  3. *Intake: Many of us here have the Outlaw Power intake because it was developed on 4 member's SS at Outlaw Power and is proven to make power, reduce ET's and help your mpg (if you keep off the gas pedal). The dynos are here: http://www.outlawpower.com/productdetail.php?sc=1274 *Exhaust: This recomendation highly depends on the sound you are trying to achieve. *Tune: A "dyno tuned" custom tune is best after you have your mods installed. Most importantly over brand is the talent of the ecu programmer/dyno operator.
  4. jimp, Did you get it with the red oiled cotton filter or with their new Neveroil white filter? http://www.outlawpower.com/productdetail.php?sc=1274
  5. Volant exhaust systems sound rice because they are made in China.
  6. www.outlawpower.com/productdetail.php?sc=1274 See this link and click the thumb link to see the dyno of the "Outlaw Power" vs "K&N" vs "stock" intake systems.
  7. Did he mean $12 for all the stock speakers? I know the Bose drivers cost about $1.18 each to make.
  8. Dyno tune by a qualified shop with wideband AF to verify the tune at Part throttle and WOT.
  9. That Rotrex system looks great. Are they working with Jackson Racing to develop these systems?
  10. Open filter intakes like the K&N and AEM are considered WAIs (Warm Air Intakes). Closed filter intakes like the Outlaw Power and Banks Power are considered CAIs (Cold Air Intakes). The best non-oiled filters on the market are the AEM DryFlow and Outlaw Power NeverOil, both were OEM developed with Caterpillar. Outlaw Power is well known on this forum but you may not have heard of them so here is the product info for our vehicles: http://www.outlawpower.com/productdetail.php?sc=1274 A few of us SSS forum members helped Outlaw Power in the development of that intake.
  11. Summer heat will kill batteries. Have you checked you battery fluid level? Sometimes it's just as simple as the water evaporating out of your battery.
  12. RP is some of the best synthetic oil that is readily available in the market, i.e. not a tweaky custom speciality brand.
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