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  1. That should help. I know it's hard to get a loan on these but it should still be possible. It might take someone using their credit union to get it financed. They seem to be more willing to loan to you. GLWS
  2. I would just take off the good parts and trade her in. You should still get a good trade in price on her and can sell the SC for $2k or more I would think.
  3. that's a bad SS. Free bum for ya
  4. SSThunder


    Must say I did love the color combo of this Shelby. Only had her a year but had to sell it to get another house closer to my daughter. She was sad to see it go but she cried when I sold the 2002 Corvette Z06 before this car. That was her fav. car I've had.
  5. yep never should have sold her.
  6. SSThunder


    cool hood. I had the same one on my blue SS many years ago. I had the body shop cut it out before they painted it. You could see my super charger through the cutout and it was sweet. I had planned to add a screen to match my screen insert in my grille but never did.
  7. Grumpytony said he can come check it out for me. I got the videos but I'd like to have someone check it out in person and give me their opinion. I appreciate you patience. State Farm insurance in CA was closed so I called my local office and they are suppose to call me back to see if I can get the info my state needs. I have to be 100% positive I can title it in KY before I can go forward with anything. I don't want to buy something that I can't drive or do anything with.
  8. Got the video from facebook. Thanks. Can you do a video of it running with the hood up? I saw the pics you posted after you replaced the stolen parts. Was there anything taken from the engine besides the engine cover? Any suspension parts taken? Thanks, Jeremy He located in Norwalk, CA so if it's too far away you don't have to go. I appreciate the help. Thanks, Jeremy
  9. Yeah that's the one. If you could check it out for me and take pics and video of it running, that would be awesome. My state(KY) can do a KY Salvage title for it as long as I have the documents they need. Marvin sent me before pics and posted a couple after pics. I've got some work to do on my end to make sure my state has all they need to do the title. I'll ask them Monday if the title with info about the theft is good enough. They want info the the theft from the insurance company. I might end up calling and requesting that. Not sure they would give to me but I'll ask.
  10. There is a guy on the facebook Silverado SS page who has a 2005 SS with a non reapirable title he's selling. He can't get it titled in CA but I've contacted my transportation department(KY) and they say it can be transferred to a KY Salvage title. I was wondering if any members local to this guy would check it out for me? It's a Silver 2005 Silverado SS AWD. He says it has 89K miles on it. It was a theft recovery and it took him 7 months to find all the parts stolen. The interior was hit hard and front seats, dash, console and door trim was stolen. From the pics the only thing take from the engine was the engone cover. Wheels, SS modding and most of the front were taken. He sent me before pics.
  11. check autotrader. Not a lot on their but something. If you're looking to spend only $10-$11K, be prepared to get something with some miles.
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