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  1. Coda


    alrighty they fig'd it out... wire shorted and caused the bcm to spark up as well... not a cheap fix though 800 bucks later :-(
  2. Coda


    yeap I have an Alpine head unit with the module that allows for the steering controls to still work.. you think the people that installed it could have screwed something up??
  3. Coda


    hey guys, havent posted in damn near forever but a recent glitch with my truck has the mechanics at the local chevy place confused.. Monday night I went to start my truck up, turned the key, the engine turned over them BAM, everything went dead AND smoke came from the steering column.. the dude at the chevy dealer told me they mounted a new 'body control module' (w/e that is) and with that installed about 2/3 of my electronics still have no power.. then he said whatever happened it happened good and they still have no clue.. sooooo has anyone ever heard of anything like this happening?? and i
  4. i dont like to be the hijacker of threads but i found this the other day.. check it out and see what you guys think... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuEUmnEVJQk also, google the disclosure project and watch that video.. its more than an hour long but some of the stuff they infer/believe to be true is insane... for example one guy claims to have seen pictures taken by apollo astronauts of bases on the back side of the moon.. some other guy says that when he got out of the project he was working on in 1989 they had identified 57 different species of alien or something like that... pure
  5. i second this mans opinion,.. this is what im currently running and i know that i wake up my whole apartment complex when i go to my 6ams for football... plus my roomie tells me he can hear me from 3 blocks away when i gun it..
  6. ewww... not digging the whole front bumper deal
  7. i go every year... always a good time... i usually go with a bunch of buddies but we'll all be down for some brews with some fellow SSS enthusiasts!!
  8. go big blue!!!! gmen all the way.... 28-25 gmen
  9. well they are amazing.. i had them put on tuesday afternoon but had to go down to school for a few days... these wheels are siiiiiick.... i have pics but since im retarted i still have probs posting so if someone would be so kind as to host the pics for me that would be great....
  10. negative lol.... my buddy works at a place called mobile concepts so he ordered them through his dealers... $1850 total mounted and balanced... im pumped.... yes yes well if they made them black in 22's i would have... since they dont, chrome it is... i shall post pics when they get put on sometime tuesday
  11. well.... ill be putting in the order 2morrow.... im getting the torque thrust st in chrome 20x8.5" and wrapping them in pirelli scorpion atr's 275/55R20......ill attempt to post pics once they are on (hopefully monday)...thanks for everyones help!
  12. hankg42 those look real nice!! i wanted black but they dont make the 6 lug in black, only the competition grey and chrome.... can someone help me out though, when i go to tirerack.com they only have the grey ones listed to fit our trucks, even though they make the exact same wheel in chrome...
  13. well you never know... the new pics of the production camaro look almost the same as the concept they released a while back...
  14. if that car is lower than 50k im all for it... the older ctsv's were awesome because the average person could afford one... hopefully gm keeps it reasonably priced
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