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  1. Just wondering if anyone here has replaced their oem trans lines with SS braided AN hoses? I have a Tru-Cool trans cooler and used the compression to AN fitting at my upper radiator trans cooler junction and its seeping all over the place. Has anyone ran AN lines all the way to the cooler in the radiator? If so what fittings did you use at the OEM radiator/trans fittings? Want to get rid of the quick lock crap altogether.
  2. No Silver birch metallic? Lol
  3. Mine was the wiring harness under the drivers side seat. The molded plastic plug had melted all down one side and was barely making contact. I bypassed the plug and direct wired the larger wires for power and ground and havent had an issue since.
  4. I just did the 07 Tahoe 13" front caliper and rotor upgrade. I used powerstop 07 Tahoe calipers from Summit. They come already powdercoated, comes with brackets, and Hart drilled slotted rotors and ceramic pads off ebay. Also did Russel SS lines at the same time since we had it all opened up. I have std Hart rear drilled slotted rotors and ceramic pads as well. The brakes on this truck have NEVER felt this good.
  5. Russel DOT kits are: Front Disk / Rear Drum: 672490 (3 pc kit) Front Disk / Rear Disk: 672430 (5 pc kit)
  6. I will take the shocks if they are still available. Let me know
  7. Thank you for the write up! I could have bought 10 of these with what I have invested in tickets and lawyers to date. I will blame the faulty stepping motors in the speedo and the fact mine is tagged at 140 and the dealer refuses to repair it as the recall ended in 04 and I am 05. On a side note does anyone have a really good source for the Valentines?
  8. If that's even the issue. My dealership quoted me the control module at $400+ saying they didn't find anything in the wiring to warrant a wiring issue. So when they unplugged everything and then plugged it back in and it worked they blame the module. They went straight for the most expensive related part they could find. So last week both seat heaters and drivers side power went out again. I started digging under the seat into all the wiring connectors. Here is my findings... The main power harness comes into the seat from (looking under the drivers seat from the back) the plug closest to the drivers side back seat. There are 2 larger gauge wires, an orange and a black. I noticed the orange wire was slightly discolored so I unplugged that harness first. The 2 pins for the black and orange wires are discolored and the hard black plastic connector melted all around them. it is not evident from outside the plug at all other than a slight discoloration on the orange wire. It turned from orange to kind of brownish. Almost looked like mud or dirt stained the wire. My question would be should I replace the factory plug harness? Both sides are melted so that's 8 connections on each side to deal with... OR Bypass the connector for the power wires only and hard wire the black and oranges together so that there is not a connection inside the plastic connector to melt again. I will take some pics if anyone wants any.
  9. Back at that time I took it to the dealer in non-working condition. They called back and said after scanning and finding no codes they unplugged and plugged everything back in and it worked.I had to pay the $85 diagnostic fee and tey recommended replacing the seat control module at some ridiculous price. It worked all last summer and fall and yesterday it quit again... I am going out to change oil and mess with the seat wiring today. Probably just a loose connection under there from shoving stuff under my seat.
  10. 3 posts on 3 diff GM truck forums and not one hit of anyone with the same issue. One guy on FSC posted the same issue back in may or so but he hasnt logged on in months and hasn't answered any PMs. We have about 3/4" of fluffy on the ground, its 20 and dropping, 3-5" expected by morning and now my dual zone ac heat controls decide to only work if both sides are on 90. At least it works... Found some stuff on the blending motor "gearbox" being of poor design and even poorer quality construction. When it blends at anything less than 199% it is bottoming out the gear by driving the motors in too far. Its basically a set of plastic reducer gears in a plastic case slobbered up with GM wax, I mean grease... And its supposedly "built to last" in mehico. Or at least thats what I read on the interweb thingy. ;) Just no good news out of this truck since it went out of warranty. Speedo is stuck at 140+ too... Dealer said the 05 is not eligible for the recall and I would have to pay out of pocket for the new cluster (with the same shitty stepper motors) and send a letter to GM customer service to attempt to get a refund. $400 + so I told them no thanks, a business on ebay rebuilds them with a lifetime warranty on all 6 steppers and new lighting since both sucked so bad from GM. All for $59-$79 if you watch his auctions. I really don't think its the heating elements in the seats b/c everything went dead at once. Tomorrow I am keeping my dealership appointment since 90% of the other appts wont show and should have a good shot at getting more than one tech on it an get it back by 5pm. Supposed to be single digits tomorrow and icing over. AWD and heated seats would be nice for the drive home.
  11. Now that it is 8* here I am really needing to get this figured out. So my heated seats in both front seats and my drivers side power seat functions are not working. I have power seat on the pass side but not heat. tireless searches have turned up nothing online so i am posting here in hopes one of you guys had the same issue. the dealer says they can scan the databus for error codes stored by the Drivers Door Module and that will tell them exactly where the issue is. Of course I didn't ask how much that costs and my warranty is up, naturally. I have checked all the underhood fuses as well as both the instrument panel fuse boxes and everything I have pulled is good. The memory module is still working because it will still adjust the mirrors as necessary when switching between pos 1 and pos 2. And I dont think its the heated seat switch because how would that effect the power supply to the drivers seat power motors? Anyone have any insight?
  12. It requires Internet Explorer to be the default browser, not firefox, chrome or safari, And it installs a version of TomCat web server on your PC. After multiple PMs to the seller I never did get it to run on my Windows XP pro workstation at home and just uninstalled it and tossed it in the pile of worthless DVD-Rs I already use as coasters. Should have thrown my $ out the window doing 100 it would have "went" further. As finicky as it appears to be I seriously doubt it will run on Ubunto. It would be better distributed as a text searchable PDF.
  13. Welcome! I am in St Louis, actually out in the suburbs but close enough. Only talked to one other member online from around here but I see a few SSS's on the road all the time. Usually try to honk and wave or flash the high beams but doesn't seem to be many "active" members around here.
  14. There is a guy on ebay who rebuilds the digital climate control unit with a lifetime warranty for $59. Coincidentally he also does the speedo rebuild with all new stepper motors for $79. Both have lifetime warranties and he repairs your unit and returns it to you with 2 business days. F the stealership. They are screwing with you and just making crap up. Mine first told me it was the control unit and when I told them I had someone who could rebuild it then they went on and on about all the control solenoids that the unit controls to make the "blend" happen. I told them if it wasn't covered past the 70k ext warranty then back it out and they would happily never see me or my truck again. More reasons why my SSS will never again visit an incompetent GM establishment.
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