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  1. I'm not sure what it sold for. I'm actually trying to figure that out right now. Yes, I had a reserve on it and I'm sure it must have hit or they would have called me and asked if I would take less. At least that'[s how they did it when I sold my motor home there last year.
  2. Yeah, I know. I hadn't looked at the message center in years and was pleasantly surprised to see only 80k!
  3. Here's the Copart link... http://www.copart.com/c2/truck_auction_search_results.html?_eventId=getLot&execution=e3s1&lotId=10709631&returnPage=SEARCH_RESULTS
  4. Dropped her off at Copart this morning.
  5. Just trying to give everyone on here a chance at a good deal. I'm hoping to get more for it at Copart but we'll see. Nice trailer!
  6. Alright everyone, this is it. 2003 SSS AWD, black. Here are the details: I made this truck into a drag truck only. It's currently not street legal but with a simple re-tune , it can easily be street-able again. Most of the details of the truck are in my signature but here are some of the highlights: -Built tranny with a PI 3200 stall, billet and Vette servos, shift kit. Impeccably maintained on a very regular basis, never had any issues with it after making probably close to 3000 passes down the track and 90k miles of street use. -All new front diff with upgraded, stronger internals. My original bit the dust and the only option was to have a new one built stronger than ever. -Pacesetter long tube headers, no cats, wide band o2 -No rear bumper so it's all ready to go for a BSER! -Currently speed density tuned but I still have the MAF. The intake I currently have is basically a filter on a tube to protect the engine from the elements. Nothing special there. -The wheels in my sig pic are not on the truck. It currently has some cheap light-weight aluminum wheel with brand new tires. These would make some great snow/winter wheels. -The interior, save the dash, center console, carpet, headliner, and driver's seat is gone. I did this to save weight but kept the interior intact. All you would need is a new passenger seat and a rear seat and you would be good to go. -Aeroforce scan gauge and Autometer wide band gauge included and installed. -The driver's side airbag has been removed so it's all ready for your custom steering wheel. -Spray-in bed liner, soft Truxedo tonneau cover. -Fiberglass cowl induction hood, not painted but I still have the original hood that's in great condition. -The tailgate handle broke on me (like most other GM trucks) but still works. -Billet grill with a carbon fiber bowtie. -Limo tint on the back windows. -Stock stereo system intact and works excellent. -Single electric fan on a switch. I would replace this with a stock system as I'm not sure it would cool enough for everyday use, especially in hot weather. -Upgraded trans cooler -All the stickers have been removed and the paint is in excellent condition for an eight year-old truck. Been garage kept and only trailered to the track since 2006. -Lowered with torsion keys and shackles 2/2. -New front hubs. Replaced them trying to diagnose a problem. Turned out to be the front diff so I wasted my money and time but now they're new! -Ported and polished throttle body and some other little bolt-ons. Taylor custom wires and new plugs, AC Delco Iridium - changed every six months. -The truck has been impeccably maintained throughout its life with nothing but synthetic oil changed every three months whether it needed it or not. I know it may seem like a lot of work for some but this truly is a strong running truck and not too far-gone that it shouldn't be considered. I love my baby and thought I would never sell her but it just doesn't make sense to keep her as my racing career is on hold for the moment. I'm an honest dude and I would never sell anything that I didn't trust to be good myself. I like to see my SSS go to a good deserving home, but if nobody bites before Thursday, she's off to Copart to see what I get at auction. As the title say's, this is the last chance! $7000 or best offer
  7. Even with the work needed to make this thing a street truck again, this thing is a steal. $7000 I am in the process of removing the stickers and some race stuff then posting pics. If you want to come b and see it, let me know.
  8. Won't pass smog in Cali because it is speed density tuned and has no cats. Plus, the way the current tune is set-up, it just doesn't drive well on the street.
  9. Yep, still has everything in the sig. I won't be able to get pics for a day or two but just imagine a 2003 SSS without the passenger seat and rear seat.
  10. Those that know me, know what I'm selling. My truck is a drag truck and is no longer streetable in its current format. I plan non-op'd it in 2007. The front diff and tranny are built and very reliable. The engine runs strong and is stock except for bolt-ons. Has light-weight wheels and tires on it so it doesn't have an SSS street "look." The truck is in great shape and runs strong. The interior is gutted except for the driver's seat and center console (carpet, headliner, door panels, and dash are all still intact as well). The tune could be changed and the truck could be very streetable again for very little work and money I think. Tranny has a PI 3200 stall, shift kit, and billet servos. I am looking for 10k obo or trade for a 2000's Camaro SS or Z28. This truck is a proven race winner and was a problem free street truck when I drove it every day. Engine has approximately 85k.
  11. I think I've got exactly what you're looking for! PM me if you are still looking.
  12. It is too good to be true. It's a great deal if you're looking for a stripped down race truck or and SSS for parts. She runs great and strong but I have gutted her and made her into a full-on race truck. Body is straight, never been wrecked, and the tranny, front diff, and engine are nice and strong. Front diff was recently completely rebuilt with stronger and better parts. PM me for my number and we can talk. Chase, let me know about the trailer when you're ready.
  13. No side rails, axles are rated at 3000 lbs each, the deck is painted diamond plate and I can't remember the exact width but it was more than wide enough for my SSS.
  14. Memorial Day Sale: $1000 and, if you're interested, I'll throw the truck on it for $6000!!!!
  15. I can't get pics until next week Chase. This trailer will haul the SS with no problem. Shoot me a PM and we can work something out for you to see it in person.
  16. Hey all, I'm selling my 2008 AZTEK 16' dove tail car hauler. It's really a quality piece and it's sturdy and big enough to haul the SSS. Trust me, that's all I used it for. It has electric brakes and brand new tires. Asking $1200 obo.
  17. I've got a trailer you can use bro. Let me know.
  18. Yeah, you're right probably mostly in CA. I guess I should say that it's not really the most street friendly with the tune, stall, and fan set-up. I've pretty much st-it up to just drive in short spurts here and there but it can be returned to its street glory with some work.
  19. I don't want to sound like "that" guy, but I actually have six Wally's now, and yeah, the record is pretty amazing. 25 total wins in that truck and a ton of round wins but it's just time to hang it up I guess. I may get back to it someday but now it's time to focus on the growing family and my career. Thanks for the well-wishes!
  20. Some of you may know the particulars about my truck but if not, here it goes... 2003 SSS. The truck is not street legal anymore and I have used it only as a drag truck for the past four years. The engine is an internally stock LQ9 with Pacesetter long tubes. Perma-cool electric fan, PCM is speed density tuned, and there are a few other bolt-ons. The front diff was recently fully built and reinforced and the tranny is fully built with a 3200 stall PI converter, billet servos, and a Transgo shift kit. I have never had any problems with the tranny and I have logged thousands of serious racing miles. Currently has an unpainted and prepped fiberglass cowl hood but I still have the stock one. The interior except for the driver's seat and the dash has been removed and is gone. This truck could be brought back to street legal with some work but otherwise, it's a great project, racer, or parts truck if you need that. I have quit racing and now she's just taking up room in the garage. She has been a great truck to me and I am the original owner. Let me know if you're interested. $7,000.00 obo
  21. I'm a Security Manager for the Walt Disney Company currently working in Security Operations at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.
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