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  1. I have a set of four 22" x 8.5" Intro Pentia 6 wheels with 5.5" backspace. These were on my 2009 Silverado with a 4/6 drop and no rubbing issues. I originally paid just over $4200 for the set with tires the wheels have around 40K on them and the tires are Dessert Hawk UHP 285/40R22 new with maybe 1000miles on them. I'm asking $3000 for the set of four with tires, I also have an extra tire which has been patched due to a nail (it's in the same condition as the four that are mounted). The wheels do have pressure sensors in them which came with the 2009 Silverado. I also have two more tires same size (285/40R22) but they are Falken ZIEX S/TZ04 with maybe 50% tread left on them. I am located in Southern California (Rancho Cucamonga 91737) I would like to sale to be local because I have no plans of shipping these anywhere. If interested please feel free to email me at [email protected] for the fastest responce.
  2. Thanks and I really don't want to get rid of them but if I have to, to survive I will and if I don't I will be trading the truck in, in a year or so anyways and I don't plan on getting another Silverado. Not that there is anything wrong with the silverado! Just planning on going with something new from GM.
  3. Well if don't have to sell the wheels soon due to financial problems with hours possibly getting cut back, I will be getting rid of the truck in a year or so and they will be up for sale at that time along with the bed cover and possibly the shaved tailgate.
  4. Anyone? I figured I would have had some sort of offer. These wheels retailed for around $1100 each when new. Now i'm not saying they are perfect as nothing used is ever perfect but they are still in very good shape and just need some slight repolishing on the lips to eliminate the normal slight dings you get from from rocks and such. One wheel does need a small area welded on the lip and repolished from me not paying attention but it's very small and nonstructural at all. Infact I polished it out right after it happened and hardly noticeable. I can see about having it fixed if I do infact have to let these go. Jon
  5. They are the I forged "Seneka" 2pc with charcoal gray powdercoated centers 22"x10" with 325/40/22's Toyo Proxes on all 4, I am not exactly sure what I want for them yet just kind of seeing what offers are out there. As I said this is incase I have to get rid of the truck which I am hoping I don't because i'm not far off from having it paid off. Better pic.
  6. Well it seems as if we are having very hard times at work and there is a very good possibility I may be cut to 32hrs a week. This means the truck will have to go and I am not letting it go with items on it that I can get some money for once it's gone. I am just curious who locally is or would be interested in them. Keep in mind I have $3000 just in the wheels and $1200 in the tires which are still in very very good condition. I am not for sure on getting rid of the truck yet but it looks like I will know for sure next week sometime if my hours at work get cut back. Jon
  7. To be honest I have been trying to find out for you guys but I have yet to get any info. The best bet would be to call our sales department. 1-800-601-8072
  8. everything from the muffler back is 3"
  9. Thats right because the CO only builds up like that here in CA!
  10. No room for the Y's out the sides to do two out each side.
  11. Yeah I had to rehost the pic for the site to accept it and beable to make it larger. The only pics I have of the quad setup are the ones that I posted in the beginning.
  12. Yesterday I spoke with Danny and Gales son Colin and we came to an agreement that we should do the duals out either side, pretty much copy the right side (current single) to the left side. Then I get home and find Tzer asking for this exact setup he even did a photoshop. What does everyone think?
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