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  1. I hope it's in your driveway already When your spending 21k what's an extra $1500 hun.
  2. I don't know what you spent on buying the truck but rocker panels and cab corners is going to cost you labor and parts approx. $1500-2000 cdn.
  3. Dude no worries just take care of her and she'll be good. I have 421000 km on mine and still runs like new.
  4. Np dude totally understand. She's a beauty. Post some pics when u get those rims on her.
  5. If u don't mind me asking what was the winning bid?
  6. Did u eliminate the tranny cooler in the rad?
  7. Are you still getting tranny fluid showing up in the coolant reservoir ? (residual oil) and how's the transmission? I read some people have done this procedure to eliminate the tranny cooler in the rad and adding external cooler with no ill effect.
  8. Nice, but why not mount it in the front in front of condenser?
  9. I know a while back someone on here had mentioned there transmission cooler failed in their rad and caused the milk shake effect in their coolant, what if you eliminated the rad completely and installed an external tranny cooler instead, would this be advisable ? Just looking for input or if someone has done this already.
  10. Leaking injectors possibly. Like Super Sport stated will need to get a gauge on it.
  11. Thanks man I just puked on my laptop
  12. Man your going to have to flush the engine cooling system a sh*t load of times too.
  13. I don't think a bad hub would give you a squeaky noise, it would be more of a rough whinny sound that would get loader the faster you go and may go away while turning left or right while driving depending what side is bad imho.
  14. You would think with only 230km on it there really shouldn't be any creases in that seat. Wish I had the dough thou.
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