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  1. Interested in the Grand prix air filter. price?
  2. I showed up. NO ONE else did. I have attempted to have a gathering several times in the past 2-3 years and not a single soul shows true interest. I understand work schedules and what not, but if you truly wanted to meet, you would have taken the day off months ago when this was posted. I will no longer waste my time to make this happen. I too lost money going to this show to meet some of you, as I could have worked it as well. so if someone else would like to plan a gathering, good luck, I might make it... or I might not. yeah, I am sort of pissed off, call me an **** or whatever else is in your vocabulary. I'm over it.
  3. is anyone coming? I will NOT be in a booth simply bringing my truck and looking to finally meet some of you. we can arrange to meet before hand so we can all park together. let me know
  4. It looks like it was moved to the 23rd now. I will be there for sure. who else is coming? https://www.facebook.com/liftedtrucksminnesota/
  5. I don't expect epic. just fun! Lets plan on it guys. if you are friends with anyone else that's not on here, lets get them there. I went last spring and the event was HUGE! My work may sponsor it again, but I am not counting on it. Anyway. as this gets closer, lets plan to meet somewhere near the event and roll in together. I have a Blue SS that's on here but very rarely. I will get him there as well. If anyone wants to text, shoot me your number and I will reply. -C-
  6. ok so how about this. there is usually a LTM show up at Running Aces in the spring. why don't we plan something there. nothing official with them. just a bunch of us gathering there and parking together and getting to know each other. thoughts? its April 23rd, at noon. I know not everyone will be able to attend, but someone needs to take charge of this or another year will go by and the snow will fly. I will be there, WHO IS IN?
  7. no such animal on our trucks. the firmware is totally different and has to be soldered in to work properly. using factory remote is really silly. 30' of range at best. good luck.
  8. Looks like we need to start now to get something together for springtime? I have a friend up your way in Coon rapids with a blue SS. What do you guys think? Work something out in the spring? I know mines in storage till the snow lifts (if it ever comes). Let's get some ideas and make this happen. I miss hanging with fellow SS guys
  9. Ok. Who is serious about making a Minnesota SS meet happen? I can host but I'm a little further south in Shakopee. Either way, I'm game. But let's hurry up and make something happen
  10. You don't need it for your new radio. The gps antenna works perfectly. I haven't hooked up a VSS wire in years and I do 5-7 Nav units a week.
  11. Don't forget to mention you may have torched some wires from the underhood fuse/distribution area, to the motor. I've been telling you since day one to check them wires when you replaced the power steering hose. But hey, what do I know. ?
  12. Man. I should sell mine. I didn't realize they were that wanted/needed. Good luck with sale
  13. I'm free this coming weekend if we want. Other than that my soonest is August 15th. Unless we want to meet at a car show? Muscle car nationals is coming. July 19 weekend. I'll be there with the truck. The 25th I'll be at the King of Diamonds car show for work with the truck. The 1st of August at the Dopery show at MOA, and the 8th at hot import nights in Shakopee I'm free Sunday's of them weekends. And more than willing to help with mods too just have to let me know so I can bring tools. Let's do something guys!!!
  14. Throw out some ideas. Let's get something goin!
  15. And just because the lifted trucks have the SS front bumper cover, doesn't make them an SS.
  16. Either way, it works. Next one I do, I'll post pics of how much wire can be had from behind that radio. Glad it's up and running
  17. I've installed several of them. If you unwrap the tape you'll have plenty of length and room to do what you're looking to do.
  18. Can I ask why MOOG won't suffice? A lot of the companies you have listed are nothing more than reboxed MOOG or similar.
  19. Um. Reroute the wire so its no so stretched? Put the adaptor behind the airbag switch and you should have plenty of cable
  20. Try one and see. If it don't work, try the other. I used the one with the brown end for mine
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