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  1. Just recently acquired low mileage 03 SS with a custom mesh aluminum grill that looks fine, but I would prefer to replace with the original style for now.  Do you still have the grill and if so, how many inserts are there? Thanks,  Steve R.

  2. Hi guys, I sold my truck so I no longer need this backup grille. Still brand new in the GM bag with the protective white vinyl adhered to it. Never been mounted and came pre-painted onyx black from the factory. I am located in Minneapolis, MN area. I'd prefer not to ship, hopefully someone local can pick this up. If you're willing to pay shipping, I could bring it to a UPS or FEDEX location but I will not be liable if it breaks in shipping. Asking $350 or best offer.
  3. I have a brand new GM one for a 2003-2004 Silverado. It's in the factory bag with the protective adhesive plastic strips on it yet. Painted black from the factory. I just posted it for sale. Asking $350 obo.
  4. Looking to purchase a set of Silverado SS wheels with or without tires. The wheels must be minty with no curb rash, scratches or damage. I will pay according to condition. I am looking for the painted silver wheels at this time only. I'm located in Minneapolis but will travel to the Dakota's, iowa, and Wisconsin for the perfect set. I will consider buying if you will take appropriate measures to ensure they don't get damaged in shipping. I don't frequent this forum often like I did years ago so please email me at: [email protected] or text/call me at 763-354-8916 if you have what I'm looking for. Thanks for looking!
  5. I have all 3 pieces brand new for sale BUT they're not honeycomb. They're the diamond pieces for an 03-05. Will these work?
  6. I've got a set but I'm not sure if the 04 and 06 ones are the same. These are brand new.
  7. I have one. $50 + the ride and it's yours.
  8. I got 3 brand new ones never mounted. Make me a fair offer and they're yours. Assuming you're referring to the 3 mesh grilles that go into the bumper cover.
  9. If I paint the blue one I have, I know whoever does it won't do as nice of a job as the GM paint job. I've never seen a body man paint plastic as good as an OEM supplier.
  10. I'm still looking for a nice 03-05 grille in black. No aftermarket junk, I want the real deal. I have a brand new arrival blue one I'd trade + cash. Otherwise if you're selling your truck and you don't give a shit, I'll buy you a new aftermarket one + cash and you can send me your OEM one. I'm very picky otherwise I'd run the OEM one. Chances are if you're selling your truck you don't care anyways. PM me as I'm serious and will make generous offers.
  11. I have for sale a brand spanking new arrival blue SS grille for a 03-05 truck with lower bumper cover grille and brake duct grille's. I am willing to sell everything all together -OR- trade + cash (on my part) for a MINT BLACK SS grille. PM me if interested. If I have to sell outright, I want $300 for everything. If you have a black one you'd like to trade me, I'll be somewhat more flexible on pricing
  12. Tell me about it, I've been looking for a black one for 2 years now On the other hand you can go to car-part.com and find a non-black one since you're going to paint anyways. They have them there.
  13. I am selling my brand new in the box AFR 225cc heads. These are part number 1660 and have the 65cc chambers. If you found this ad, chances are you already know what these heads are. I can provide pictures if needed but these are still in the sealed box. These heads were $2500 new. I am willing to sacrafice them at $2000 shipped or knock off $100 if you want to pick them up in person and save me the hassle of going to the UPS store and standing in line for an hour. PM me if interested. I am located in the Minneapolis, MN area. The reason for selling is I've decided to go a different route with my setup.
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