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  1. SOLD I have a set of 4 Silver OEM SS Wheels off of my 2004 Silverado SS. No curb rash just some spots from the wheel weights. No center caps included. $500 picked up $650 shipped located in Terre Haute Indiana. Only real bad spot from wheel weight, could be touched up. Two photos of same spot Same spot
  2. Probably just depends on how you use the truck. I bet it would be fine an inch lower for normal driving as long as you don't weight the bed down a bunch hauling stuff.
  3. As far as I know it was all done with plastic weld (I think it was Fusor) it probably has a skim coat of filler on top though.. My cousin owns a body shop and they did all the work. The pans been on there for 6 years or so, it lasted about 3 years before it started to crack. The weather probably did it in more then anything because it sits outside all the time. The truck only has 36,XXX miles and I bought it in 2004 with 9,9XX miles on it.
  4. It's a Mcgaughy's 2" front 4" rear kit. I think the front still needs to come down an inch or the rear needs raised an inch.
  5. I wanted silver 22" replicas so I decided to make my own. I guess I'm lucky my brother has a powder coating business. I apologize in advance for the crappy pictures and the dirty truck lol. Started out as Matte Black Replicas Shot with some powder primer Shot with some Class A Silver powder Nitto 420S 305/40/R22's Mounted and had to use the old crappy center caps for now. I was worried about such a wide tire but they fit and look great. Roll pans cracking out. Plan on putting the bumper back on.
  6. Bringing this back from the dead. I've still got this $150 picked up.
  7. I bought the Goodson alignment tool to do a crank reluctor wheel swap on my ls2 but ended up getting a different wiring harness instead. So now I have a brand new alignment tool, new 24x crank reluctor wheel and new black crank sensor for sale. RRJ-350 Reluctor Ring Installation Tool- $175 Shipped CRANKSHAFT RELUCTOR WHEEL 24X -PN:12559353 $15 Shipped CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR - PN:12560228 $40 Shipped $200 Shipped if you buy it all. Will take PayPal(+Fees) or M.O.
  8. There are 3 open licenses and 1 used license on the cable right now. You use one license per car or truck once it is used it is locked to that computer. More licenses can be added to the cable at a cost of $99 per license. I bought this new with 4 licenses, the price of it new with 2 licenses is $550 so in essence it would cost $650 to buy this cable new from EFILive.
  9. Used EFILive Flashscan V1 Commercial scan and tune tool for sale. I bought this new in 2005 to tune my Silverado SS, works great but now I need support for ls2 ecm's. I bought this with 4 licences and only used one so there are 3 left and more can be added up to 25 total. I paid $900 for this when I bought it new. New ones with 2 licenses cost $550 not including shipping. I'm asking $500 shipped. Thats at least $150 savings over buying new.
  10. I have a set of used 42lb Ford SVO (Green Top) Injectors for sale that came out of my mustang. They have about 5-10k miles on them. Looking to get $210 shipped. Thats about half the price of new. Thanks
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