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  1. Looking good! Like the exhaust exiting before the rear tire šŸ˜Ž. Back in the day, I volunteered my SS for a test fitment for a Magnaflow exhaust. It gave it a nice growl, but the highway droning drove me crazy, so I went back to stock. I hope your's does not have that drone to it.
  2. I still think of my 03 SS as being fairly new šŸ˜‚ At least it was brand new when I bought it in 03 ;D But I guess they are getting up there at 17 years old. It is amazing how much rust some of these trucks have in the rust belt states. I guess that has something to do with the name "rust belt". Not a bit of rust on mine, but I have drier weather and no salt on the roads out here in CA.
  3. SS bow ties were the same as regular trucks, kinda golden in color. I later swapped mine for a billet aluminum one from Shopman. I wonder why they did not come with a similar one from the factory. Would have been a nice touch.
  4. I have a Magnacharger, but it is laid out in a similar way. In my case there was a threaded brass plug in the base near the firewall.
  5. Not much help, but I put on some Edelbrock shocks, even though they were not speced for the SS. I have been running them for 10 -15 years. Surprised I have not needed to change them šŸ˜„ Sadly, Edelbrock does not make shocks anymore. A search on the forum should get you some ideas. I seem to recall some like KYB, but I think that was a stiffer ride.
  6. Looking good ! Nice detailing on the engine!
  7. Wow, you dug up an old thread here šŸ˜€ I wonder what the production numbers would have been if they all came supercharged from the factory...
  8. I find the stock air intake works much better with a supercharger added šŸ˜
  9. Welcome !!! Pictures are required. Well, not really, but we love pictures here šŸ˜‰
  10. šŸ˜„ But seriously, if you can afford it, or find a good used one, it is the most fun mod you can do. It totally changes the character of the SS
  11. Well, if you have the budget, I can highly recommend a supercharger I have had the Magnacharger Radix on my truck since new and it really wakes up the truck. I think they don't make this exact Radix now, but a redesigned version is on their website.
  12. Congrats on getting your dream truck! That is some major work you are doing! They must use a lot of salt on the roads in Minnesota. I have never seen that much rust on an SS. But then I live in Southern California. Any plans for upgrades?
  13. Still have mine from many years ago. I always thought they should have done this from the factory, it just looks right
  14. Nice project! If you are doing new brakes/rotors, you might consider the 07 Tahoe larger rotors/calipers modification.
  15. Seems like California, New York and Maine require CARB compliant catalytic converters and you need to be very sure you get the right one in those states. Everywhere else, it seems that you just need one made for the vehicle / engine combo you have. I would suggest looking for any info from your state's website on emissions requirements. I suspect Wisconsin just follows federal requirements, so it is a lot easier for you. Be grateful you don't live here in California šŸ˜‘ Some good info here: https://www.walkerexhaust.com/support/tech-tips/state-catalytic-converter-guide.html
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