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  1. In a lot of states (like my state, the Communist Republic of California), it is not legal to do fun stuff like that. As I am sure you realize, you would need to look into a lot more than just bolting a old school carbureted big block to the transmission. You would need to upgrade the transmission as well, the stock transmission is pretty weak. So putting a beefed up TH400 in there would probably mean drive shaft length adjustment. Fortunately, you don't have the AWD stuff to complicate things. Then there is all the computer stuff. You will have to somehow get some of the sensors working with the engine and fool the others into thinking everything is normal. Or just rip it all out and live with the stuff on the dash that no longer works. It would be awesome to see a project like that.
  2. No crossover that I can recall. You can add one fairly easy if you want to do dual exhaust of any sort. Long ago I had a Magnaflow exhaust on my SS. I did not keep it on very long, the droning sound was too annoying. But it consisted of two smaller mufflers and then a Y to the single exhaust. Adding a crossover ahead of the mufflers would be easy. If you are thinking of having dual tail pipes, one on each side ahead of the rear wheels, then getting the pipe over to the driver's side might be difficult. The biggest obstacle would be the fuel tank, which occupies a lot of the area you would want to run the pipe. And you probably don't want hot exhaust pipe and fuel tank to be too close together. Dual tail pipes behind the rear tire would be easier. And dual tail pipes, both on the passenger side would be easiest.
  3. Schwinn used to make some good 10 speeds 😂 But seriously, that would be a fun idea, but probably a lot of work, the most problematic being the computer setup.
  4. I have one of Shopman's SS bow ties from many years ago. Still looks great. I can highly recommend them 😎
  5. The site limits my uploads, so I can only do a few at a time. let me try this another way Drivers Side And yes, that is my 64 Impala peeking around the tire.
  6. No, what I meant is that I am still running the stock system. I do have a CARB approved supercharger, but the exhaust/cats are stock. It would impossible to have 17 years worth of smog inspections without the proper emissions stuff like cats. I have even been refused service by a shop for a smog inspection because of the supercharger, even though it is perfectly legal. The shop must have recently got burned buy the CARB cops for missing some detail on a smog inspection. I hear the penalties are stiff.
  7. I still have the stock system. Let me see what I can get a picture of for you.
  8. Where are you in California? I am in Orange County. Original owner of my 03 SS.
  9. All that fresh paint, I think you have one of the best looking SS's out there at the moment ;D
  10. I like the look of the LED tail lights. They look a bit like the previous generation, sleeker. My stock tail lights are starting to de-laminate, so I will have to replace them someday. Those LED tail lights would be a fun choice ;D Where did you get them?
  11. Did you get the 275/55/20 size Proxes? I had 305/somethings on my truck and they were great, other than only lasting about 20-30k.
  12. Well, you know what I am going to say ;D But a supercharger is a bit pricey. Aside from that, there is no replacement for displacement (although forced induction comes close ) Some people have bumped up the 6L (364ci) to 6.7L (408ci) This thread has a lot of responses on things people have done:
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