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  1. Can you share a link to that site? With 150k miles on my truck, I am on my third rebuild of my 4l65. Last time it was the input shaft that gave way. The idea of a 4l80 is sounding better all the time.
  2. You will get more meaningful answers from a general Chevy/GM truck forum, as this one is specific to the SS. But, that sounds like a pretty light trailer. My travel trailer is about 4,500lbs. It is the tongue weight of your trailer that adds to the weight of your truck.
  3. Still doing good I guess the truck is getting to the age (150k) where odds and ends need repair. Had to replace the steering gearbox recently. On my third transmission rebuild now 😕 Broke the input shaft somehow. I have been getting it repainted on the installment program. One accident at a time. just got rear ended a few months ago. Minor bumper damage to me, trashed the front end of the mini van that did not stop in time. But that got me the bumper, tailgate and right rear quarter repainted. But it is getting expensive to keep, between the gas prices here in California to the $400+ registration each year.
  4. As I recall, you also need to have the mirror selector switch set to the middle position.
  5. At the rate I get rear ended ( Four times in 18 years)... that would get expensive ;D How does that work? Does the bumper pivot down with the tailgate?
  6. Yes, those super heavy duty clutches are really noisy. Went through that trying to cool my 64 Impala. You may as well bolt the fan to the pulley.
  7. I had mine go bad around 10 years ago. I had just had the AC compressor replaced at the dealer. And the fan clutch apparently failed and took out the AC compressor by not working correctly. Somehow the engine stayed cool enough not to seem to be a problem. But the dealer fixed the compressor under warranty and for some extra, replaced the clutch. I assume it is as close to the original GM part as possible. So far it is still working good. You might look at what the local Chevy dealer sells over the counter. Sometimes it pays to pay for the GM part, sometimes you just pay too much for things
  8. Did it need a rebuild? Also, I am curious how many miles it lasted. Personally, I am on my third rebuild at 150k miles. Last one was a bit of a fluke. I somehow broke the input shaft.
  9. Do you feel the shaking in the steering wheel or is it the engine shaking?
  10. Yeah, I don't do FascistBook either. But I am an original owner, still lurking around here from time to time
  11. That air dam looks cool. Did you make that as well?
  12. I got this one, long ago. Still have it and love it. No bottom to it, so your stuff sits on the carpet, which keeps things quiet.
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