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  1. I did replace the hubs a while back due to a error. I think that showed up differently, but don't recall exactly what it was. Those speed sensors in the hubs seem to be rather finicky.
  2. My issue is on startup (almost all the time). If I turn it off, open and close the door and restart, it is usually fine. But I will check the fluid. I had not thought of that being a trigger for an ABS error.
  3. Lots of little stuff. Steering gear is a bit hard to turn. Either the pump or the gear box. The driver's side panel that the has the windows and door lock switches has popped up and needs some surgery. Window washer pump is not working. Gear selector index is kinda funny. There are like two spots where is still shows Drive. The gear selector indicator is very dim. I need to pull the cluster and re solder some resistors, from what I have read. Security light randomly flashes on. Sometimes the whole instrument cluster goes dead and then comes right back. I hear that could be the BCM. Rarely, the ABS and Brake lights will put on a light show with lots of beeps, which might be a ABS module failure. But more likely a bad wire somewhere.
  4. Welcome back. I have been showing up here again as well. More and more, it seems like I am needing info for minor repairs ;D
  5. Have you looked at these guys? https://catalog.pac-audio.com/catalog/satellite-radio-integration/ISGM12 I have had one of their ipod / aux input adapters on my stock radio for a long time and it is great. They seem to have an XM adapter as well at the link above.
  6. I have had an issue with my rear passenger side speaker distorting. For that last few years, I have just had the fader turned to the front speakers to mostly avoid the distortion. But you guys inspired me to pop the door panel and take a look at the speaker. Turns out the speaker has a plastic frame (basket) that has cracked a lot. So the coil no longer stays aligned in the magnet. By twisting the plastic frame, I could make is sound good. But it is highly unlikely that glue would fix such extensive cracking, so I bought a new speaker. Yeah, still using the stock system, but my ears are not that great anymore (can only hear up to 12khz), so it is good enough for me. And nobody wants to steal the stock stereo ;D But take care of your ears, you only get one pair and when you lose hearing, it is gone forever.
  7. Looks like your truck is begging to stretch it's legs on that long straight road.
  8. dcairns

    1/8 Mile Times

    My 03 in stock form ran like this: 1/8 = 9.683 1/4 = 15.339 @86.27mph ============================= 1/8 = 9.703 1/4 = 15.466 @86.08mph ============================= 1/8 = 9.733 1/4 = 15.374 @76.90mph ============================= With the Magnacharger Radix supercharger: 13.92 @93.00
  9. Nope. Just the silver/gray painted ones. Non stock calipers/rotors and shocks visible in this photo, but the wheel is stock.
  10. Lowering can be hard on suspension parts as they are often forced to work outside their normal range of motion. Looks like your rear suspension "bumpers" are shot. I just replaced mine a couple months ago and the old ones were like yours. With a lowered truck the stock bumpers are probably too long. Take a look at what "04palass" used on his lowered SS : http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/92062-2003-ss-building-my-dream-truck/page/5/ A little more than half way down the page, you can see the red bumpers he used. Probably Energy Suspension, also a comparison picture of the stock vs aftermarket "red bumpers".
  11. Welcome to the site Are you sure you have an 03 ? As I recall, all 03's were AWD (like mine). I attached a couple photos of my original leaf springs, and it looks different than yours. Please note, these photos were highlighting an aftermarket rear anti-sway bar and helper bags I installed, so those bits won't match your truck. You have a squared off spring, with the plastic disk and pin going through the spring. I only have the plastic disk on the second largest spring, which has a somewhat rounded end. Also, it looks like your plastic disk pin may have broken the retaining bit and been replaced with a spring clip. Or perhaps it is a replacement that mounts that way. Your shackle looks freshly painted, if you did not do that, then it would say that it has been replaced recently. I don't recall the stock shackles having all those holes in them.
  12. Not an expert on lowering, but I seem to recall that the amount of lowering will affect your choice in shocks. The change in the range of travel means different shocks. So I would finalize your lowering plans first, then look for shocks. Also decide if you want a firmer or more stock kind of ride.
  13. You sure work fast on that truck 😎 If you got some spare time, I have a few maintance items that need to be done on my SS.... 😉
  14. I will have to check out youtube for a video on repairing that. Once and a great while I get the flashing cluster warning lights "ABS and Brake" and dinging that the ABS failed. I have heard it could be a bad ground. But I am handy with a soldering iron if it is just some bad solder joints in the ABS module.
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