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  1. Ok, kind of a click bait title, but this is a fun looking concept someone came up with. If you are impatient, skip to 4:02 in the video for the good part. I don't think that crate motor would meet emissions standards. But supercharge one of the existing 6.2L engines with a stout transmission and you would have something (things they should have done on the 03 SS). I don't know how practical it is having it that low, but is sure looks cool. Although I am not a fan of step sides, still it looks good
  2. I have not heard of porting the Radix. Sounds interesting. Got a link to that?
  3. I had mine stolen a while back. You will have to get a plain (primer) one and paint it yourself. Here is the GM part number: 2003-2007 Silverado SS spare tire lock access cover: 12335771 Claims to be a GM part here: http://oemcats.com/oem-parts/12335771.html What looks like a repro is sold here: https://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts/gm-cover-rr-12335771.html And you can try FleaBay and see what you can find Like this one that looks like a repro too: https://www.ebay.com/itm/164699917325?hash=item2658e14c0d:g:90gAAOSwUIhgJnzL&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoOplecySlVCZUEL8E28w3R9alvTo96h00a%2BMPKHLajsb5i3%2BDsHqWBXEAyyUtj13uhJzsd%2B%2BETYgBzLCFQ1mPuBcOGkNU7ZvEFUuwFPDY9fuIF1uSiEMaXXXS15%2FgGJNfc9EP1GdMkRyoHPcD5kIEDGRRBmICgBGMQUeENigdjrm9RzQMJTBE%2B0%2Fv%2Ft66WGm0NEZ9bgCulvK%2B6fUpgsDW%2Fo%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4LI3ZjpYA
  4. Hi Zippy, still rocking my Magnacharger Radix after 160K miles. On my third transmission, though.
  5. The drive train for the SS was taken from the Cadillac Escalade. I don't know what tweaks were done, but it would be a good place to start for junkyard parts.
  6. I agree with someotherguy. The transmission won't last. I am the original owner of my 03 with stock engine with the Radix supercharger. I am on my third rebuild on 150k miles. First time the bands wore out, second time a sun gear exploded, third time I managed to snap the input shaft. Next time I am going to bite the bullet and do the 4L80E swap, assuming we are still allowed to buy gas for our cars. The second failure occurred when I was far from home and I had to hope the local transmission shop was good. I guess they were as it is kinda hard to predict a input shaft snapping.
  7. Hard to believe how much rust you had to remediate. I did not have that much rust on my 64 Impala restoration I did 10 years ago. That road salt must be a real killer.
  8. I had forgotten about those Christmas Ornaments... Now I want one too. <runs off to ebay and places bid on one> I have a couple of the Hot Wheels type cars they made.
  9. The front can be raised and lowered to some degree with the torsion bars. I seem to recall there are aftermarket 'keys' that can help with this. The attached photos may help, although I think they are not showing the key areas you are interested in. Please note the rear suspension photos show an aftermarket rear sway bar and leveling air bags which are not stock.
  10. dcairns

    Burning oil

    How do you know it is burning oil and or coolant, not leaking it? Are you seeing smoke/steam out the tailpipe?
  11. Can you share a link to that site? With 150k miles on my truck, I am on my third rebuild of my 4l65. Last time it was the input shaft that gave way. The idea of a 4l80 is sounding better all the time.
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