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  1. I sold my SS cause of gas prices...I bought mine and gas was less than $2/gal. I have a rice rocket now that's fun to drive plus it's not bad on speed itself. Although I am getting the new G8 GXP when my lease is up. For the lawn and landscape business we run diesel vehicles only and we make our own fuel out of non-hydrogenated cooking oil for around $1/gal. That's what we were forced to do with diesel over $4/gal and not wanting to raise our prices substantially to customers.
  2. the hitch is there to haul test equipment around almost every mule that GM or any manufacturer tests typically has a hitch to haul equipment around
  3. Guinness, Amber Bock, Killians, Leinenkugels Honey Weiss or Creamy Dark, Sam Adams (only certain brews), and Strongbow as far as beer goes
  4. Component Shelf would be something worth looking into for you if you don't want furniture under the wall mounted TV. Google Image search
  5. Godsmack (3x) Breaking Benjamin (3x) Linkin Park (2x) Smile Empty Soul (2x) Trapt (2x) Three Days Grace Strata (before they were signed, before their first album, and after [3x]) Rob Zombie Rammstein Buckcherry Hurt (2x) Staind(2x) Hinder (2x) Korn Snoop Dogg The Used Less Than Jake Ghostface M.O.P. Funeral for a Friend Downset Disturbed Fuel Shinedown (2x) Cold Ill Niño 10 Years Megan McCauley Bullet for My Valentine Alien Ant Farm Eighteen Visions The Classic Crime Flyleaf Evans Blue Nonpoint Wonderdrug Chevelle and sadly (my wife made me go) Rascal Flats Shania Twain Edit: Forgot the last concert I saw; Counting Crows (horrible in concert...stay the hell away), Live, and Collective Soul (they still made it worth while and the money even though CC blew)
  6. what brand and model number router is it?
  7. That shouldn't happen but depending upon what your laptop uses to connect to the internet (windows built in which is pathetic or another program and if it's wireless or cable connected) and how your 360 is also connected. Also depends on how your router is configured (how your IPs are acquired and DNS setup along with port forwarding)
  8. I haven't with mine either but that's just the things I have seen. However certain games tax the 360s processor and gpu more making it run hotter (crackdown, gears, halo 3, assassins creed, and cod 4 make it run hotter than others like pgr4, madden, tiger woods...etc). There's several dvd drives in different revisions of 360s also...hitachi, lg, samsung, benq, lite-on, philips, and toshiba drives have all been used.
  9. It's better to have it laying flat with something on all four corners to help with heat dissipation. Having it stand upright blocks one of the cooling openings on the bottom/side that brings air in and across the back of the circuit board where the processor and gpu heatsinks are.
  10. I would only pick up the HV20 if you aren't shooting fast motion objects. I used to work for a large appliance and electronics store and we had HV10 and HV20s (as well as JVC's GZ-HD7U) that we recorded different things inside and outside the store (with and without the use of a tripod). After burning the videos we saw major lag and stuttering with fast motion (cars driving and people running) on the Canons. JVCs cam didn't have near as noticeable issues (albeit it's more expensive and not the same format you're looking at).
  11. COD 4 and Halo 3 are mostly what I play check sig for tag
  12. I still have one ta7801 in box and the 4 channel infinity 7541a as well as the 15 band 1din sized pioneer EQ
  13. just get a gmail email account from google...their picasaweb photo account has 1GB storage and I have never had a bandwidth issue...and best of all it's FREE
  14. I liked it very well but for the power that the M6's handle you could go with MTX's TA7804 or TE1004 4 channel amps.
  15. I may still have them when you're ready, we'll just have to see.
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