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  1. Great truck. Does it happen to have white stripes on the hood? I tuned a few Blue SSSs in the D.M.V. region years ago.
  2. Just for anybody reading, initial tune was sent over on May 5th. There are some minor setup issues that need to be addressed which should be cleared up with the next log file sent in.
  3. Accurate power output would be difficult to ascertain with the torque converter. AWD also makes it potential dangerous for the transfer case. We are located in San Diego and do not have the OEM SS Wheels.
  4. After enjoying this truck for a long 8.5 years, it is time to move on an let it go to another home. I've owned it since 2004, purchased with 16k miles on it. 2003 Arrival Blue SS Factory 6 disc stereo No XM, No Onstar 89,126.7 miles as of 1/31/13. It is a 3rd vehicle and will not be driven much Modifications: Reflexxion steel cowl hood Weld 20x8 Cheyenne wheels Pirelli Scorpion 275/55/20 tires with 50%+ tread life Bassani CARB legal mid-length headers 2004 LS6 camshaft with LS6 valve springs 2009+ truck flex fuel injectors with EV6 connectors RPM Level 6 transmission PI
  5. Yes sir, it is in the works. It is a bit of a daunting task to say the least! Justin
  6. We'd definitely be interested in another trip out that way. Jarrad and I still talk about the phenomenal wings at the Hangar Pub & Grill. As it is right now, we're definitely going to be having a trip to Pittsburgh, Fort Worth and New Jersey (somewhere) in the March - May time frame. We've had two people who've requested a tune meet to Massachusetts, so possibly in the May-June timeframe.
  7. If you've emailed me, you've definitely received a response, unless you're emailing over and over again which bumps your conversation to the bottom each time. What is your email address?
  8. Looks like a very nicely built setup there Chase.
  9. You should be fine. I had my SSS on the dyno for about 3 hours one day a few years ago, using it to for various tests and tuning. That was about 25k miles ago and zero issues have popped up.
  10. That's perfectly fine, I wouldn't suggest anything other than in-person for a setup of your type. That said, with the level of build that you have there, a load bearing dyno is necessary to really dial in your part throttle ignition timing. It's one thing to tune a factory-type setup on the street after having done a ton of them. It's another to try and massage out 15ft-lbs extra at 1/2 throttle at 3000rpm. That kind of gain is easily seen when tuning on a dyno of that type, but can be impossible to ascertain on the street.
  11. Really depends on your modifications, the type of dyno and the competency/thoroughness of the tuner.
  12. No sir, completely different when compared to tuning on a load bearing dyno.
  13. Also, since the tune doesn't change and your WB changed from one day to the next, something in your setup must have changed. What exactly it is, I can't say, but any change like that would need to be addressed mechanically. MAF is a very common culprit.
  14. I wouldn't put a lot of faith in the tailpipe wideband when you have your own WB stating something different. Even at 12.4 at the engine, you will not do any damage. Your wideband (from your last email chain to me) reads 11.7 at WOT and taps low 11s just before the shift. I haven't seen any recent emails from you at all either. The last email was in September when you said you were sending back my equipment. As for the duty cycle, while it is not ideal that high, you are not static yet, as the IBPW and IDC take into account the dead time and if you tap 96% once in a while, you're no
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