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  1. Would you happen to have the abs control module
  2. Ok so my brakes pulsate around 10mph for a quick second then go away. I have replaced the front hubs , rotors (where worn n warped) and did the YouTube abs module solder repair and still have the brake issue. Drove the truck around for a good mile and no abs light or code. But the damn pedal and pump pulsating between 10-8 mph. Should I just bite the bullet and replace the abs module or is there something I'm missing. Tnx, cesar
  3. Trying to install my Pioneer Double din on My 04. Bought the harness adapter and wired it all up but found that my factory harness doesnt have a 12v ignition source and only a constant 12v source. The only way I can power up my stereo is to jumper the red to the yellow. Has anyone ran into this and what was your fix? tnx, Cesar
  4. truck was stolen while back and they took the cover off and lost it when I recovered my truck. Now when it rains and water gets on there truck acts up. I need to get one soon and want to see if someone has one laying around. tnx, Cesar
  5. I been runing some pacesetters for about 8 years with 0 issues. Mine came coated and they still look pretty good considering that I use the shit out of my truck.
  6. truck looks sweet. what suspension mods and wheels/tires are you running? love the over all stance and tire size. love the over all look. What suspension mods are you using? what wheel/tire size are you running?
  7. pisses me off when I see SS parts on a single cab or fake SS because there is a good chance the parts were off a true SS and possible stolen at one point.
  8. truck all of a suden decided to act up. truck will try and start in the on positon and headlight on all the time. If i move the key all the wa to start position it take a few cranks and then it starts. My head lights stay on all the time and only the head lights. please help as shes my daily driver right now. Cesar
  9. any pictures? Im coming up due on a whole front end rebushing and want to lower her. Shes an AWD.
  10. wow truck looks amazing. what did you use to lower the truck that low?
  11. damn sorry about the truck. I find myself to be very lucky as I have had mine stolen 5 timex and luckely fo rhave found it all together minus small items missing and usual ignition stuff. Lojack has paid off.
  12. Looking for a drivers side mirror for my 04 SS. I broke the mirrior the other day. would preffer it to be black but for the right price any color would work. tnx, cesar
  13. i always u searchtempest but recently I just cant seem to find anything other then a shit load of junk.
  14. 04 bought her 4th july weekend. 87k miles.
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