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  1. 200k huh? Good to know. Only thing I'm worried about is mine going out before that, so I dont wanna wait til it does. A 427 and 85 sound sick, hell even an lq9! Buuuut gotta stay practical haha. Ten, Cali is good, love the weather better than ak that's for sure. How u been? I'm gonna need like.. A 7 seater haha.. As for gas mileage, I'm planning on getting an r6 for my main vehicle haha. What did u have before? I don't remember
  2. Oh and how much would a full engine and tranny swap generally cost?
  3. Hey sorry for the late reply. Thanks, I actually ended up selling the truck a few months ago.. If you do a search of my content, I posted some pix from right before I sold it. The tips came out great, and the roll pan molding was perfect, but with how it originally bowed in the middle, it kinda threw things off, and I wasnt fully satisfied. I was gonna redo it all this summer buuuut I had to sell to pay for school. Something i'll always regret..
  4. If you guys don't know, I sold my truck a few months back since I moved to Cali. It was my intention to just purchase a more gas efficient car or sports bike in the meantime but now I have a kid on the way so I was looking into getting an 02-07 classic Yukon Denali. Most of my searching has led me to high mileage ones, 100k-140k range which is more than I would like. I know it would be hard to find something less on something that old down here in the lower 48. I like the style of these better than the newer ones, but want something reliable for the long run. As much as I want to make it f
  5. I was in AK over my winter break and sold the truck.. so if y'all see a young white kid driving my truck... you'll know why haha Mike, have you tried FATs?
  6. Sold my truck... Had to pay for school so I took one for the team!! Here's somewhat of a timeline with pix: 2007 2008-2009 2010 2011 Summer 2011-2012 Winter Right Before Selling (DRLs and Signals ARE NOT really that blue in person!!!) It was my dad's truck for 2 years, then i took over payments after.. Its been in the family for over 8 years so it has a lot of sentimental value. It really sucked handing over the keys to someone and seeing them drive away in it. Tens of thousands of dollars thrown into this truck and now its gone. Oh well, life
  7. I think I found the one you're talking about, and if it is its sold now. I don't have any new ones but I do have some of the last time it was in the shop getting a better fitment for the tips..Its on my phone so i'll have to upload it somehow. nothing from far away though so you cant see the entire back. I'll be getting them soon as I'm not in the same state right now but will be back in AK for xmas break I was trying to avoid the dealership, but if it really came down to it i guess id have no choice eh? haha Yeah, just been busy with school in cali but i'll be back up mid next
  8. Yeah yeah yeah I know its daym near impossible to find them these days but I'm looking for a driver side brake duct.. Ive checked SAE, craigslist, and even went as far as considering the fiberglass knockoffs.. Figured I'd post it here for the hell of it. Let me know if you guys come across any please!
  9. hey man just curious if you ever sold that driver side brake duct? I'm in cali as well now, cash in hand or paypal whenever you're ready! Let me know

  10. Negative bro, I need this paid in full asap. Sorry, I just need it for tuition Why don't ya pull put a loan n pick this up quick eh? Haha
  11. DAAAAAAYM that looks good bro! And welcome back, thanks for your service!
  12. Due to an unfortunate event happening to the potential buyer, this charger setup is up for sale again. Dropping price to 3400 shipped, maybe even lower depending on destination.. Summers coming up and you don't wanna have the slow truck in the group! Bruiser, I'm moving to the bay area, San Jose :/
  13. Danny, yep this is the one! Never got around to installing it because I wanted to beef up the tranny first, but had to prioritize college tuition last semesester and the upcoming one. Fuerza, I've yet to receive anything from Santa, but I'm not exactly the most well behaved haha
  14. Fits 99-06 GM 6.0L (Silverado/Sierra.. SS & Denali) I'd assume it would work with the 4.8/5.3L engines, but I'm not POSITIVE. The supercharger is not complete, but all you'll need is fuel pump (around $125), injectors (price depends on what size but generally 150-300 for a good set), and a tune. I can help you find any of these parts to make this a complete kit if you want. The Si trim head unit itself is used with 5K miles and has an upgraded impeller to support 775hp and hasnt been installed since. This was all professionally done by Vortech who also thoroughly inspected everything
  15. Just put the charger up on craigslist, asking 3500 but I'll let it go to one of you guys for 3200. I know someone on here wants some go fast goodies!
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