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  1. So, I bought "the other guys" headers back in 2004, and have had the truck smogged several times. Now, I am told that the EO number does not apply, only good till 2001. Any ideas for a work around, other than finding a stock exhaust to have reinstalled.
  2. I bought a front only bar from Hotchkis, it cost about $140. In my case, I had a full kit from my previous truck; but it was a coil spring front, not torsion bar so the front sway bar would not work. Personally, I would try to buy the complimentary front bar to your rear bar - call the parts department and see what they can do for you.
  3. I had one for a week and took it off; it was way too loud for me. I use my truck for work (entertaining clients) and hauling the wife and kids around, so I can't go too wild. I choose to replace it with a Magnaflow instead and am very happy with it. Overall, its all a matter of taste, maybe you would like it, or not.
  4. Check with your local dealer, mine were replaced under warranty.
  5. If you were my son, I would recommend two things: first complete a degree in something, you are so close, because it proves that you can stick with something all the way to the end; second sit down and think about what your true professional passion is. The degree will get you your first job; what you can do will get you all of the rest of the jobs. My father was a Doctor, but he never once suggested that I do the same; find your passion and the money will come! Not to be mean, but I think your GF does have a point, commitment is a strong virtue in Business. My first choice would be to hire a guy who honored his commitments (even though it might have meant a personal sacrifice). Being that you are single, now is the time to finish up what ever college courses are required (once you are married, and/or have dependants, there will never seem to be enough time). There are programs, like University of Phoenix, that can allow you to finish your degree without going full time. It would be well worth the effort to seek out professionals in the industries you are interested in and ask a few pointed questions. Like: would you do it again, how does this job impact your family, does the job require that I spend long times away from home? It is one thing to have a wife and a family; it is another to be home enough to keep them. Not to tell you what to do, but having a stable job, now, shows your next employer what your are capable of and can give you the opportunity to receive the education to make any other career a possiblity.
  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/SUPERCHARGE...1QQcmdZViewItem Back again!
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/SUPERCHARGE...sspagenameZWDVW I would be a little impressed if this scammer would fix the spelling errors (its SEMA, not SEEMA), have the link to Magnacharger right, and have the horsepower and torque increase right. So far it has been listed 4 times in the last 9 months (180065148602 in December 2006 and as item 120129679351 and item 220091744206). I "won" this in December and was fortunate that Ebay cancelled the bid, hopefully no one here is bidding on it.
  8. This is my second Gen II truck, so I repeated what I did to my 1999 5.3 (I basically copied what Tom Byrne did to his 1999 5.3). Really nothing magic, just made it easier for the motor to breath. On my previous truck, JBA ceramic coated shorty headers (all that was available when I bought the parts) Airaid CAI, and Gibson cat-back exhaust gained a solid 2 mpg. I got about the same 2 mpg increase with the ceramic coated TOG mid length headers (CARB legal!), Airaid CAI, and the cat-back exhaust. To my surprise, installing a PCMforless tune added another 1 mpg, to my base line mods! At the time I was installing the mods, I was making an every Friday 200 mile round trip for work, so it was very easy to see any gains. With the headers, CAI and exhaust, I averaged 19.5 mpg, adding the tune bumped it to 20.5 mpg (mostly highway, up and down low hills, driving 65 mph, and a few slow downs). Being that my truck is 2WD and has 3.73 gears, I would expect to get a little better mileage than an SS. As for keeping the overall mileage up, it is a matter of driving style. I try to watch traffic, and red lights, and coast whenever possible, instead of hard braking. Not to say that I never put the pedal to the metal, I do, but where it makes sense. I am a power junky, but I am need to keep my insurance rates down. I have to say that I am truly impressed with the Gen II trucks, my FIL can't believe that his Ford F150 4.6 only gets 16 mpg on the highway and I can easily get over 20 mpg! I could have bought any vehicle, but I chose this truck. If anyone from GM is reading this, this is my fifth chevrolet truck and the best one yet - keep up the good work!
  9. Here is a picture from the Men, Metal and Machines show from 2003. These motors are amasing, this is a running scale models of a 350. I talked with a guy for a bit; said they used a Corvette 30-30 cam and scale model double hump heads. There were several running supercharged engines; chevy 350, flat head ford, etc. If you like 'bigger' motors, check out this scale model of V-12 Merlin (P51 Mustang) http://www.enginehistory.org/ModelEngines/...XX/MerlinXX.mpg
  10. A couple of points: The reason the wrong size came first is stock 4WD trucks have 1 1/8" bars, the SS and VHO came with 1 1/4" bars. An 1/8" may not seem like a big difference, but when comparing bars, the stiffness formula simplifies down to the bar diameter to the fourth power. Regarding the energy suspensions components, they are greasable, but you need silicon grease. It is available in grease gun tubes, or you can hand pack using "Sil Glyde" from your local NAPA autoparts store.
  11. Another scammer bites the dust. Ebay canceled the auction with less than a day remaining, somebody would have been out $$$.
  12. It is Item 120129679351 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Chevrolet-o...bayphotohosting I "won" this one back in December, only to find out it was a fraud. Then the very same ad appeared a couple of monthes ago. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.ph...hl=supercharger I reported it to Ebay, hopefully no one is bidding on it! The vent in the cooling line is the give away.
  13. Looks good! Hint: Add a few zip ties, bend the wire loop a little and you will keep the link from rubbing on the brake cable!
  14. I was able to install the bracket without doing anything to the tank. On mine, there is an opening in the frame rail just in front of the tank. I used a flexible claw pickup tool (like this one http://www.rvtoyoutlet.com/c-rv-tools/p-6968.html ), attached it to the front stud and snaked it down the frame rail. I was finished in under one minute. You could also tape some solid wire to the bracket, and do it that way.
  15. Last summer, I replaced my Superchips tune, for a custom tune, and picked up 1 mpg, on the freeway. At that time, I was making at 200 mile round trip, every Friday, and consistantly got 19.5 mpg. After the change, mileage increased to 20.5 mpg (not bad for a 6 liter)
  16. I lost about 5 mpg pulling a 5' x 10' utility trailer
  17. I voted for "Other", since my goal is to make a more efficient motor and be more aerodynamic. With my setup I have lots more power and get better gas mileage; gained 3 mpg over stock with an overall average gas mileage (per the digital display) of 17.2.
  18. Same wording, same picture as one I bid on in December http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/SUPERCHARGE...1QQcmdZViewItem Read the whole story http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.ph...c=28759&hl=
  19. Depending on what you are looking for and what you use your truck for, here are a few thoughts: The best bang for the buck are a higher stall torque converter and a new tune. IMHO, the Yank TT2600 would be a good choice. As for a tune, the best is a dyno tune (if you can find someone is your area), followed by a mail order tune (Brian at PCMforless is very familiar with SS, and is great to deal with.), and a distant third hand held tuner(these cost the most and deliver the least amount of power). Another plus about the custom tune, besides more HP, is better MPG (I gained 1 MPG with my tune). I would not be surprised that with the combination of a good tune and a new torque converter that your 1/4 mile time would drop about .5 seconds. Your choice of headers will be determined by what State you live in. If the emissions testing requires a CARB EO number, your choices will be limited to shorty headers, or mid-length headers (i.e. the position of the cats stay the same). Long tube headers do make the most power. Other factors are what the headers are made from and if they are coated. Having stainless steel, or ceramic coatings, will make slightly more power, a touch better gas mileage, and will last longer. I gained 1 MPG by installing headers. As for power, shorty make around 10 more HP, mid length 15+ HP, and long tube close to 25. As for the exhaust, hopefully your dual pipes are not too big, which hurts low speed torque. A good modification to true duals is to add a cross-over pipe, which helps scaveging. Between the air cleaner, headers, exhaust, and tune, I gained about 3 MPG, and a lot more power!. There are lots of other things to do, like: changing to electric fans; install a new MAF (some people like them, some don't, I had one but could not really tell any difference); new cam; ported heads; supercharger/turbocharger; sway bars (highly recommend!); bigger brakes; transmission shift kits; suspension lowering; and .... all depending on how much you want to spend. There has been plenty of discussion on all these topics, just do a search. You might also search performancetrucks.net for more ideas.
  20. Here is a taste... http://www.chevyhiperformance.com/techarti...ter_mile_times/ with each issue, every mod has an ET and 1/4 mile speed. PayPal is fine. All of the mods were done on an SS, with some of the work done by Zippy. Do a search on member ChevyHighPerformance for extra details
  21. New Hotchkis front sway bar for 1999 and newer Silverado and Sierra 2wd (coil front spring suspension) trucks. The bar is 1 1/2" diameter and comes with new bushings. Your will need to buy the mounting brackets and end links from Hotchkis to complete the kit. Total cost $60, plus shipping (I bought the wrong bar, that is why I am selling it.)
  22. I have 4 new KYB MonoMax shocks for 1999 and up 2WD trucks (regular cab and extended cab). I original bought these for my 1999 Silverado, but sold the truck before installing the stocks. I have 2 of model 565066, and 2 of model 565016. (Check www.kyb.com for fitment on other vehicles) At Jegs, and others, these cost $50 each, plus shipping, I am selling these for $120 shipped to your door. KYB MonoMax performance gas shocks. For hot trucks, sporty SUVs, and 4WDs. These shocks are engineered and designed to deliver performance and strength regular shocks don't have. These shocks have a vehicle specific valving for severe duty and handling. They help reduce squat under acceleration, helps eliminate braking nose dive, and helps control roll and pitch. These are the KYB Gasajust on steroids! Bigger and better. * High pressure gas design (280psi) * Monotube design * Hardened chrome 1/2 piston rod * Seamless body cylinders and eye rings * Floating piston * Self-sealing packing * Velocity-sensitive valving * Large 46mm bore and piston Thes will not fit VHO 2wd or SS 2wd (or other torsion bar front suspension trucks)
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