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  1. Well that was quick they are all gone. I'll dig through my tool box to see if I can find more
  2. I do still have a couple I just sold two and I have at least one maybe 2 more. [email protected] for quick response
  3. None. Motor is out and I'm contemplating parting the truck out right now. Have an 09 cts v that I've been playing with that makes just shy off 800 rwhp. It's a daily too drives like a stock car . I'm really impressed with these cars.
  4. Dude 100 out there. Being n/a you'll be lucky to get a high 12. I was planning on going but the dam heat sucks. I may go spec tate Saturday or sunday Put famous on your Calendar, iirc Nov 8
  5. Looks dope man, what happened to the 18x10?
  6. i cant beleive this theif is still on here this guy is a bad business man and does not keep his word, should have been banned a long time ago. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/70036-fast4popper/?hl=fast4popper
  7. Just happen to stop by . I still have the SS and never got around to advertising. im keeping it for now , been tuning on it a bit just enough to keep me busy . I did end up getting rid of my lifted duramax for a better daily driver since i havent towed with it for a couple years. I needed back in something fast but functional. so i got another supercharged v8 sedan in my garage. ill post pics soon buy im in a modded 09 cts-v sedan in black with every option and i really like it. hoping to be knocking on 700 rwhp soon after going to see zippy for some dyno time and more.
  8. i guess ill add my 2011 coming in about 4-6 weeks , ( i ordered it last april) svi infiniti 2011 custom , didnt mean to hi jack but waiting 12-14 months is killing me , i love the .500's as well they are always an attention getter . i have a few .50's as well , a .50ae desert eagle and my baby the big boy .50 dtc ( ca bmg version with same contents) love my long range toys thats where the fun is for me. glad i got a nice collection before this craze started but now i cant find shit to load my .308 , .338 and .50
  9. I drove it yesterday . It drives like a dream in all honestly. Im getting it in 100% perfect condition to sell as I had to pull the trans and go through it after the throwdown. Went through the motor as well after the throwdown so its brand new . Now its time to be on the market . I have waitied since may last year to do so . I wqnt it to be perfect for the buyer and in case I want to drive it more. Afger yesterday I can say I will? drive it at least a couple times a week now. Ill be making more ads on this site soon. This truck drives amazing right now. Converter is perfectly matched at a 3k and 3.73 awd gears. It gets into boost very smoothly and just pulls .
  10. Its not necessary for me to sell and I will keep it if I can let my better half allow me to have 3 vehicles. I have 3 trucks already and am ready for a 6 speed again. I want a modern car I can drive daily. Fit golf clubs in and just have fun in. Ive got offers for 30k on the ss which I am holding out on. Im open to offers but will not take any less than 35k . I need enough to buy the z06 or close to that. I have some stuff I still need to sell for it like the 18 drag radials and the entire oem touchscreen nav w 6 disc that will bolt in . Thanks for missing me guys . Im just ready for new . Ive had the ss for near a decade. [email protected] for inquiries . Take care everyone
  11. Im still around. I had 100 emblems made way back wh. So if anyone wants them I can 20 shipped on the emblem or put a bag together for you guys. Im not active often here but for quick response my email is [email protected] the part thqt costs ala lot is shipping airbags since they need to be classified as hazmat .
  12. yeah i have tons of emblems for them just no core air bags. if you want one send me a pm and i can get it going . my inbox was full and didnt know.
  13. im considering selling mine here soon , i have the 18x10 boyd timeless 6's , they are forged with mt et street 305/45/18 , i have to swap front brakes to run them and never finished my front brakes and just run on 22's all the time. id consider selling them but shipping to ak would be killer.
  14. not to many good ones , just progress , these were the last ones i shot of the rear end , this is without coils on yet(just need springs since they are thread body shocks ) and to fab the 4 link , i was thinking of actually removing the hanger/leaf setup and using the hanger bolt patter for a front mount on a 4 link setup , it would bolt in this way and allow to use the stock tank . but wouldnt allow for a wider tire in the rear which isnt too important for me since i plan to stay awd and before i did it i want to be sure . the front you cant see too well , just the big tie rods and djm control arms and qa1 double adjustables which were awesome and allowed me to remove the limit straps and just adjusting valving in turn with similar results and allow adjustability rather than an abrubt stop.
  15. yeah we really have nothing on them here, reason becasue we dont have FU*K YOU money . A close friend of mine who helped put together my motor goes to dubai a few times a year to tune all of their wild high hp lsx/gm equpped vehicles(car, rails , suv/trucks etc) and he wont ever go for a ride , i refer to him as the dyno queen .
  16. bfg kdw t/a , lots of sizes available and ride fantastic, just dont last long . run them on my SS and e55 amg , life is about half of normal tires
  17. i never did install springs and remove torsions yet. i went with double adj qa1 and compared to other SS trucks in a slolem my truck stayed almost completely flat . it was impressive for sure. for me to do it the way i wanted i need to make a new much stronger upper mount , id like to bring it a bit higher to allow for more travel as well. with the drop im running and the djm lca and stock mount , there isnt much room for a coil to compress and live. also like in that thread the valving of a shock that carries that kind of weight will heat up a bit more , a reservoir would be a big help. i also built a custom setup for the rear , i have all the stuff to 4 link but have not finished it , i have mounted the qa1 coil over with adjustable shock mounts and a custom upper mount to positon them perpendicular to the axle. im happy with the truck right now .
  18. one of the best exhaust vids , blower motors sound awesome , now all you hear is jet lag
  19. thanks for those vids greg , they are the first good ones i have seen of the event. the road course was amazing i really hope video emerges of that. i am glad i won and all but hopefully the damage is not too bad, i gladly would have taken an idler bracket over my failure. this event is a true test of stregnth.with trucks like our awd ss and the power we are making , the chance of making it through the event with a flawless victorys is very slim.
  20. gotta see what i can round up , i had to download my gopros to a friends computer at the throwdown because i ran out of room on the card. i didnt get to take any photos or vids since i was racing . I ended up winning the throwdown but lost the trans and possibly more on the last run of the road coarse. tranny fluid on the ground ,200 plus temps , something making a knocking and what felt like transfercase chain slip on my launchs . ill be tearing into it on monday .
  21. have you been able to pinpoint the problem? if its a wire or a relay i would try replacing it , its pretty cheap and will be a hell of alot faster. sometimes its easier to do it yourself than wait to send it back for replacement which i do agree is the right thing to do and im sure steve will come through.
  22. tomorrow ill have lots , no carnage you chicken Fockers.
  23. yeah , spent the majority of the day tuning yesterday on low boost and its still got it . i absolutely raped a new 5.0 and a heavily modded s2000 from a roll. tried a brake stall to see what would happen and logs show 200 kpa and the bfg kdw's dont hook as good as i had hoped. ill be competeing at the truckin throwdown this friday and see how it stacks up . many photo's and vids this weekend
  24. Very nice choice , 1911 is my next handgun for sure . i really like some of the kimbers. i just got back from the range , i took my desert eagle and a group of military coeds were shooting , i let them pop off a couple .50ae rounds . one of the girls wanted to give it a go i was hesitant on letter her with the 50ae but her friends assured me she had experience and seemed to have some knowledge from what i saw so i loaded a single shot and omfg , the gun kicked and wacked her right in the forehead, it was almost identical to this but not as bad sorry for the hi jack but i had to share with someone , im just glad she didnt drop it .or hurt someone.
  25. did you ever run that truck at the track? any numbers on it ?
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