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  1. ss2haul

    03 SS one owner, 22k miles Arrival Blue

    Thanks! Just ready for something different. Hope she is going to a good home.
  2. ss2haul

    Stock OEM SS 20's

    No they don't. Shipping with tires is a major hassle unless you are TireRack. Been there, done that. Btw Fair price no doubt.
  3. ss2haul

    03 SS one owner, 22k miles Arrival Blue

    Yeah, that is exactly true. Funny thing, they will loan you full amount on a $30k new car that will be worth $19k in four years, if you're lucky, but not $24k on a truck that will probably only go up in value if maintained correctly. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. ss2haul

    03 SS one owner, 22k miles Arrival Blue

    Thanks! Yep, you are exactly right.
  5. ss2haul

    WTB silverado ss

    Thanks man, I appreciate that.
  6. ss2haul

    03 SS one owner, 22k miles Arrival Blue

    Doesn't surprise me at all. It's been a total pain trying to get the ad straight. You have to take out the SS trim out, for it to come up on the search. Doesn't make since I know. Just click on my link though, and it should take you directly to it. Thanks!
  7. ss2haul

    03 SS one owner, 22k miles Arrival Blue

    AutoTrader link added. Thanks for interest!
  8. ss2haul

    03 SS one owner, 22k miles Arrival Blue

    Thanks man. I need it gone quick, because if I don't I'll end up changing my mind
  9. ss2haul

    03 SS one owner, 22k miles Arrival Blue

    For some reason, I couldn't get my AutoTrader link to post, but my ad is live now. Looks like I'm actually going through with it this time. I was really hoping a forum member would give it a home, but I guess I'm just throwing my SS to the wolves now.
  10. ss2haul

    Member since 2002 first post LOL

    Nice looking truck! Especially to passed around like that. Eight owners?? Glad you saved it!
  11. ss2haul

    03 SS one owner, 22k miles Arrival Blue

    Thanks Muggs. Hard decision for sure, but just not right to let her sit all the time. I can drive to TX to give her a good home.
  12. ss2haul

    03 SS one owner, 22k miles Arrival Blue

    Thanks. Yeah me too. Needs to go to someone who knows and appreciates these trucks for what they are.
  13. Well guys, I think the time might have finally come to let go of my SS. I think I drove it less than 1,100 miles last year, and obviously I've never really drove it that much. Me and my SS have been on the forum since 07/2004, so many of you might know me, even though I'm not really a big poster. Anyway, I purchased the truck new in 06/2004 with 17 miles I think. Garaged since day one, and meticulously maintained always. It has a Wheatley tune(original ECM intact and included), drop in filter, and a factory GM battery that I replaced about 18 months ago. Other than that, everything else is 2003, just like it rolled off of the assembly line. Arrival Blue, 22,740 miles. Plenty of pics in my gallery. Original window sticker included. Have various SS memorabilia that I'll definitely let go with it, IF I can locate it. Original press kit w/picture CD for example. The forum has been great all these years, absolutely one of the best out there. So there was no doubt that I was going to let one of you guys get the first opportunity. Putting it up for the next two weeks on here. If it doesn't sell, it's going on Autotrader for $24,500 or so. Honestly, I would put my truck up against any other stock truck out there. The truck has never even been really dirty, so if I had to come up with anything it needs, maybe a true, honest to god show detail, that's it. As it sits, I'd give it a 9.8. Offers closed 08/08/14. Thanks for any and all interest. Any questions are certainly welcomed. Just please post them in the thread, so the next guy won't have to ask the same question. Thanks SOLD
  14. Great looking wheels! Minus the tires, shipping is doable. With tires, unless you are Tire Rack, shipping is outrageous. Tried and failed several times.