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  1. Gonna take the SS to Ceicel county dragstrip Fri eve (Nov 25th) with my brother in-law and his Camaro SS along with a few other friends. Anybody else feel like havin a good time come on down.
  2. I usually go in a circle when waxing my truck. I use Meguires liquid wax and it comes off really easy so you dont have to rub hard. To rub it off i use a soft cotton T-Shirt. I had the truck for allmost 3 years, waxing it 5 times a year and i have no swirl marks.
  3. Lets meet up at the all Gm Nationals at Carlise Pa in June. Had a great time there last two years with some of the other members.
  4. mine is mounted underneith the drivers side of the rear bench seat, you can still reach to open the bottle
  5. A little N2O and 150 jets will definitly get you in the low 13's. Keep a eye on the tranny though.
  6. Flowmaster race mufflers or Dynomax bullets will get you a good bit of noise. Its not any quiter than running straight out of the cats, it just takes some of raw tone away.
  7. i have 8,100 on my 03. but put 7,000 of that on in the first year.
  8. Anybody going to the Carlisle All Truck Nationals in Carlisle Pa. this weekend (Aug 5-7). Thinkin about taking the SS up & just wanted to see if anyone else is goin.
  9. I have the nitrous express GM EFI kit with the W.O.T switch and 150hp jets. Very easy kit to install. Definitly worth the money! It shaved over 2 seconds off my 1/4 mile times.
  10. It all comes down to what your personal preference is. I had my exhaust custom made by a local shop, 3" daul exhaust with x pipe, and flowmaster race mufflers which exits out under the bumper. It has a lot of interior resonce though. Out side it has a strong, raw sounding tone, but to me louder is aways better!
  11. just got my nitrous express system and i wanted to know were the best place to put the nozzel would be on the stock intake tube. Also does timing and or fuel supply become a issue at all with a 150 shot? any info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Looking at either installing NOS or a Supercharger on my 03' SS. From everybodies experience, what do you think is better? I don't drive it much and don't have a very big budget right now for a blower. Whats safer for these trucks? Wet or Dry system? And how big of a shot can you put to it safley? What Nitrous system do you recommend. Thanks for any info.
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