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  1. Brian, hows that stall work with the d1? Im running a 3200 stall.
  2. Same here, I live 30 min away and never go. I've been wanting to check it out.
  3. Definitly want to swap that cam out to prolly a split duration and higher lsa. I'm not no cam expert by any means so I made some phone calls to Comp and Lingenfelter when I installed mine. My cam specs are .224 .230 - .581 .592 114lsa.
  4. Does it smell rich when idling? Does it idle/hard to start? Possible bad tune or injectors not tuned in properly. My afr runs 11.5 to 11.7 under boost with my d1.
  5. Hank, I hope you can make it. Wendy and I look forward to seeing you.
  6. They have a pretty large wash area there with hoses (all free). Just bring your cleaning supplies. My wife will be there and I know Dan is bringing his gf. Not sure about everyone else though.
  7. There is one 11sec pass and a few 12 sec passes on the trans. Other than that, no it doesn't get beat too much. lol
  8. Im running a d1sc and 12psi, cam and other bolt-ons. Shift kit/servos only in trans. Its holding up fine on the street for the past year, but I plan on upgrading in the near future.
  9. Pre registration for "gate and go" ends May 21st.
  10. I believe the correct spelling is vortec.
  11. I'm still up in the air I may be sporting the Hoe.
  12. weather.com shows 30% chance of isolated t-storms.
  13. Forcast doesn't look good. Might be a daily driver meet. bro's!
  14. I have a B&M Supercooler with braided ss lines and running a Zippy shift kit, billet servos, and a yank pt3200 converter.
  15. Here we go! Silveradoss.com will meet up yet again at the Carlisle GM Nationals. I appolige for the delay this year, It's been a busy last few months. The dates this year are June 22th to 24th 2011. This is our 6th year meeting up as a group. I hope to see some new faces this year. Pre registration for the event is $30.00. Click here to register! Registration includes weekend admission for two people. After registering, you will recieve your window sticker in the mail and be able to drive right in. When registering, don't forget to enter the full club name silveradoss.com to be able to park at our club tent! Gm Nationals web page The List 1.thomp62301 2.bemis5.3 3.8hnpss 4.blick05ss 5.Chads04ss 6.lilmarv1117 7.Fireman31 8.kissfans03ss 9.RockHead 10.DGIEPSS 11.Black03Supersport 12.SuperRedOne 13.stg313 14.Krambo? 15.Hankg42 16.ordy 17. 18. 19. 20.
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